The Surrender Practice Part Two + Uranus Enters Taurus

"uranus in taurus"

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After graduate school, I left Iowa City but then I went back, and it was there, after my mother’s death, that I found a helpful therapist and DBT skills classes. DBT was brand new at the time. I was not diagnosed borderline (which DBT was made for) although these therapies for borderline folks really appealed to me, comforted me, made sense to me.

Marsha Linehan wrote (and I am paraphrasing and I used to quote her often):

accepting reality is the only way out of hell. Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good. 

Accepting reality. This is surrender practice. You don’t have to like it. You may HATE it with good reason. But this is sanity practice. Acceptance is the only way out of hell.

You know those folks who are always fighting what is? That’s hell. They are in hell.  Like the woman I wrote about the other day in my Ask Aliza blog post. She refuses to accept that her great friend will never be some romantic fairy tale hero. She refuses to SEE WHAT IS. She refuses to see what she has. Rejects what she has. That it’s never good enough. He’s never good enough. He never gives enough the way she wants it. And he’s always the bad guy in the scenario. Reality is maybe they are both flawed humans. Reality is sometimes he fucks up. Sometimes she fucks up. How long will you wait for a diamond to become a deer?

Over and over we can learn to stay. Pema Chodron teaches this too. Stay with what is. This is a Saturn story.

I’ve written about Uranus entering Taurus before but now it’s May and this grand event happens May 15th! This is just a reminder. To check your chart! It may be a HOUSE change for you — or not!

Uranus ONLY gets to two degrees before going retrograde in August and yes we get a trip through late Aries again! By March 2019 we’re in Taurus again.

So when I say check your chart you are to find that EARLY Taurus part of your chart.
Check if you have planets or points at 0, 1, or 2! Pay close attention to any planets in FIXED signs (Taurus Scorpio Leo Aquarius) as well as in Capricorn or Virgo.
You can check your Progressed and/or Solar Arcs as well.

And while you’re at it 🙂 you may want to review your NATAL Uranus and the house Uranus rules in your chart because in those houses as well there will be CHANGE.