Holy As The Fire: The Contamination (the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020)

"saturn pluto conjunction of 2020"
I get an idea
. And then another and another and another. It’s how my mind works. It’s why I have so many lists and then have to organize my lists. Get them straightened out so I don’t get overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed anyway. Make a new list.

At the moment I have two continuing-story blog posts. Need to do part two of SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A BOOK  and part two of THE SURRENDER PRACTICE,  but first let me do this. Let me talk about contamination. What I see is that all three of these blog topics from the last couple of days are linked.

I’m thinking of these two energies in a vacuum. Ignoring for the moment where the other planets will be (so many in Capricorn) and just ponder Saturn Pluto. Conjunct. January 12th, 2020. 22 degrees. Check your chart. Check your chart. Check your chart. Should I be worried (I hear you ask). Pray for rain.

My goal with this blog post is to show you that Saturn, that Pluto, that Saturn Pluto together cannot cover over, cannot destroy what Pema Chodron would call “your basic goodness.” You are not a sinner and you don’t need to be saved. You are holy as an acorn. Holy as my cat’s tail. Holy as the live oak tree. Holy as the house down the block. Holy as the fire.

What happens is life hurts. What happens is shit happens. What happens is things fall apart. I’m talking about hard transits here. When things go wrong. What happens is you lose everything. Or life just isn’t as you would prefer. You may feel: I’m cursed. You may feel: I need a soul retrieval. You may feel: I am nothing and I am no one so please squash me like the bug I am. Please.

This is what I call the contamination and the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 is gonna bring it. Big time. To your life. To your chart. This feeling. Of rot. Of an infection for which there is no cure. Soul sickness. Heavy like bad curtains.

Patience. Endurance. These are Saturn words. Saturn rules Capricorn. This is how you “deal with” the contamination from Saturn Pluto. Patience. Endurance. EXPERIENCE. SILENCE. Saturn words.

What does Patience Endurance feel like? Look like? Sound like? 

I remember once with a client years and years ago seeing a Saturn Pluto square in her chart and blurting out loud (it was an in person reading) SOMETHING DISGUSTING and she nodded her head. But it wasn’t her contamination. It was a family member who hated herself, hated her bodily functions. She felt dirty. The severity of Saturn mixing up with the bowels of Pluto. Pluto rules the bowels.


But Aliza what is all this Patience Endurance FOR? Are we destined to be merely long suffering in this life? These are the questions of Saturn Pluto. Severity. Elimination. This is how life FEELS. No matter what you have (money, love, or the lack of it), if you have a Saturn Pluto aspect in your chart, in particular a hard one (conjunction, square, opposition) you will suffer gravely from this feeling, that your smell, your spirit, is contaminated. That God breathed into you something rotten.

The only solution I see is to go deeper. 

Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn. You can already be working with this energy. NOW. In 2018. What is Saturn in Cap up to in your chart? What is Pluto up to in your chart? Our charts become SO FAMILIAR to us. Get a Reading. Review on your own.

I’m talking about the TRANSITS here but it’s good to also review your NATAL placements. What does Saturn ask of you? What does Pluto ask of you? IN THIS LIFE. You know this by locating them by house and sign and aspects. THEN YOU KNOW what to DO.

Saturn is revealing himself to you in your chart. So is Pluto…

but it’s going to change. In 2020. It’s going to become something else. Could be a devil. Could be an angel.

To be continued 🙂