Jupiter Square Pluto Part Two: MORE POWER FOR YOU

Just posted this in the CLASS.
About the Jupiter square Pluto transit.

Wanted to share. Thought others may find it helpful.

Monday March 27th

I would like everyone to do some HOMEWORK 🙂

when you have a chance but this week preferred.
If you can find, PLUTO by transit in your chart. If you don’t know how, I will help you, when we get to the charts this week.. .
So if you can locate Pluto, tell us what HOUSE Pluto is transiting and then think about POWER.

Do you feel you have POWER in that area of life?
Yes or no.
And just meditate on this topic.

Do you want more power in that area of your life?
What does it mean to you?

Do you realize that you actually do have (in my humble opinion) tremendous power there at this time

That you are a force of nature there
That you are rebirthing there – every minute of every day until the transit of Pluto in that house is over?

I want you to realize this asap especially because Jupiter is squaring this point in your chart THIS WEEK so please don’t take it for granted… your power grows THERE this week. You are not an idiot. You are not a loser. You are not DONE with this life yet.

Does this make sense? I am trying to write my posts in more “plain English” lately.. but still I am a humble poet 🙂

I want you to see you have leverage there but not just that – I wish I could think of better word than power…

Force, energy, persuasiveness….. but still it’s MORE than that.
I am Cancer and so much in water. Even though I am a teacher sometimes I cannot find the words. I wish you could feel what I feel and that we didn’t need words but we need words.

You are a generator. You need nothing and no one to help you. You are a generator where Pluto is by transit in your chart and yet you can take this energy generation and CREATE with it.

So find Pluto. Find the house.
And think about this tremendous PUSH that you have at this time.


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