Why We Need Saturn + New Moon In Capricorn Tears

"new moon in capricorn" Do you need a good cry? You can always let the rain do it. It’s been raining all day here. Snow next week. Weather. Let’s talk about the weekend:

The big news of course is the New Moon in Capricorn at 19 degrees (Jan 9th).

Tomorrow’s assortment:

Moon sextile Neptune. Moon conjunct Pluto bam! Moon square Uranus bam! Moon sextile Chiron. Moon Sun conjunction (the New Moon herself). Emotionally intense. Volatile at times. This New Moon has an EDGE but then Moon trines Jupiter too. The balloon.

Set New Moon intentions in alignment with… your natal Saturn, your Saturn ruled house, the aspects the New Moon will make to your chart, Capricorn themes…

Like what? Well my new copy of Rex Bills is coming in the mail but we all know Saturn is…

Wait. Wait a minute. I don’t want to give some tired keyword list. I want you to think about Saturn and Capricorn and *you* think about what this energy means to you. 

Saturn, to me, is real. Saturn is not Neptune butterflies and roses and dreams. Saturn is cold hard reality and the facts. THIS is what is happening. THIS is the situation. THIS is real. Saturn is the truth. Saturn isn’t the poem itself but the discipline that gets you up each morning to work on your writing and create a scaffolding for the words. Saturn is spine, backbone, teeth. Without Saturn, we have only madness and laziness and fantasy. No one gets anything done without Saturn. We need you Saturn. We need you. I’m sorry we harsh on you so bad, but, see, you also symbolize hard life times and death and you have no mercy. You seem like an angry God but maybe you’re just a father after a hard day’s work. Saturn is sanity. You keep us sane. You keep us safe.

Okay, my loves, more later…