"saturn in capricorn"
I was taking to a client yesterday about difficult Pluto transits and this word: surrender.

How that’s what we must do when we come face to face with Pluto. My astrology teacher used to say, about hard transits in general: are you going to go kicking and screaming or...

But we also have to figure out what else to DO.
There is usually some instruction in addition to surrender or stillness or what have you.

And what to do requires our creativity. And timing. Knowing this is the right time. This is the wrong time. This is the BEST time. Letting your inner guidance guide you!

Put surrender on your list of things to do (even if you aren’t sure what it means yet) but also know that this is an action which requires some tending. We don’t just surrender and then move on to the next thing. It becomes a practice.

Does this make sense? How does one create a Surrender Practice? How does one make ANYTHING a practice. By having a routine. A ritual. By defining it and engaging with it. Over and over. Persistent and consistent. Gentle. Kind.

So let’s say Pluto comes to burn your house down. Let’s say you want to LIVE. Then you can’t stay in the house. You have to leave. You can stand outside the house. You can watch it burn. But you must decide: live or die.
That decision is your first surrender.

To be continued…