The Stars This Week: Imperfection, Uncertainty, Trust, And Connection


In response to a client who wishes she’d never been born – and is having a dark night (or two or three) of the soul-

I said to her, among other things:

nothing and no one is stopping you from leading the life you want (and it’s true). Some of this is about making peace with imperfection, uncertainty, trust, and connection.

And also, I think now, creativity. Creating your life. This is such a different state of mind than fear mind or trauma mind.

Let’s talk a little bit about next week:

Pretty stable, pretty even.

Well aspected Scorpio Moon on Monday. Moon enters Sagittarius on Tuesday morning. Wednesday brings us nobody’s favorite, a Moon Saturn conjunction, but we also have a Mercury Pluto sextile which is perfect for… anything. Perfect for thinking, writing, doing, creating. Scorpio and Capricorn. Realistic, smart, focused. Thursday we are still under this good Mercury Pluto (insightful!!!!!) and also fun moon: Moon conjunct Venus and trine Uranus but then Friday.

Friday hurts when Venus squares Chiron (noooo) but shines when she trines Uranus. I’m sorry we all have to manage both but we all have to manage both – Chiron insecurity and Uranian surprise. It’s a good surprise though. You know what this reminds me of? That you’re in love with your new boyfriend or girlfriend and things are exciting (that’s the Venus Uranus trine story) and then you hear some news about an old flame (the Venus Chiron square) and it gets to you. Bad.

Brush it off and get back to work. Capricorn Moon over the weekend hasn’t got time for the pain AND over the weekend Mercury does the same, but in reverse (kinda): Mercury inconjunct Uranus but trine Chiron. Your thinking, your pain. It shifts.