The Right Stuff: Pallas And The Full Moon In Taurus

"pallas athena in astrology"
Full Moon in Taurus
– 22 degrees. Monday, November 14th.

What’s interesting about this Full Moon is how quiet it seems to be.


There is a sextile (easy aspect) to wounded healer Chiron in Pisces but a square (tense) to goddess asteroid Pallas Athena in logical Aquarius.

Now, Pallas is a wise strategist and Taurus is solid, but Full Moons are emotional, possibly chaotic, and obsessive across the Taurus/Scorpio axis. And it’s a square between Pallas and the Moon.

My recommendation here is pretty standard:

how you feel about your life at this time and what IS may be two very different animals.

Pallas Athena sees clearly, coldly, in Aquarius. Detached, yes. A Full Moon clarifies too but it’s water logic, intense, dramatic, subterranean, revelatory poetry.


the truth can be found with a net. Harvest the ocean, sort through your find, and then you’ll know the truth of this Full Moon which, in Taurus, has to do with your hunger and your fear of hunger. Taurus is so possessiveness because it fears there’s not enough to go around so if I collect this or make this MINE, I’ll be fine. No one will die then. I’ll never ever go hungry.

Are you hungry? What for? Are you full? What are you full of? Is it enough? Is it right? Is it the right stuff?

The square from Pallas to the Full Moon can help you figure this out! Full Moons are supposed to bring us insight — sometimes that’s all and sometimes that’s enough.


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