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Every day another update. My usual refrain: the world has changed.  No, I don’t want to install the latest version of blah blah blah. I want to think about the sky.

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Leo Season.
We just had a Full Moon (endings and beginnings)
Venus is retrograde. Has loneliness increased or is it the same? Venus is retrograde all month.
We’re thinking about love. We’re thinking about what we VALUE. What is important to you? To whom do you give your love (which is your money).

I was making my weekend tarot forecast video for my Patrons, trying to make sense of the astrology of August and September:
The retrogrades.
Mercury going retrograde this month,
Jupiter going retrograde next month.
The squares from planets in Leo to planets in Taurus and the trines from planets in Virgo to planets in Taurus and… I’m still thinking about it although my thinking has changed. I feel differently about it all.


Yesterday I bought a bottle of red wine. It had been a long long time. I had bought a bottle for a friend and had more errands to run and… I went back to that same store and… I’m very happy with my purchase. I had a glass of it last night after work although I joked to a rabbi friend how soon could I bring in Shabbos (i.e. since Shabbat starts so late in the summer — it syncs up with the setting of the sun — some people start Shabbos an hour earlier or so, but this was around noon, and of course there are rules/laws about such matters.)

But I waited until the proper time and had my glass and it tasted delicious and I had a wonderful evening nap and even slept well. HIGH POINT OF MY DAY AN AMAZING NAP. Lots of dreams. Dreams are necessary for good mental health (just ask famous psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion!)

This is my daily life stream, in words. I asked a friend on Twitter if I should start streaming-streaming, as people do these days and she said no (wise friend) and then I think of my client/friend Dianna and how happy I was that she had started a YouTube channel a year or so before her death. I found so much comfort in those videos. And then yesterday on the train I was wondering how many of these people dance on TikTok (something I’ll never do I promise) when they’re not on the train (that was a sign to me that I’ve spent too much time watching the news lately) and thinking of the Hasidic woman I saw interviewed who talked about the Internet being here to stay and we need to work with it…

Virgo Risings (like myself) are under a long long quiet transit, a hidden transit, under the waves. I don’t know what will emerge from the deep.

Where is your Venus retrograde transit happening?
What are mulling over?
What is your relationship to the digital age? How will you show up or not show up on-line? In a few years I’ll have a new book come out, if things go as “planned.”  What will social media offer us then? What will become even more hateful and what will please us?


The other day on the Upper East Side I went into a Barnes and Noble and it was small and cute and people were sitting, reading books. Books. Colorful books! There was a small (super super small) metaphysical/spiritual section. And there were records which was really weird but it felt like… it didn’t feel real. It didn’t feel like it used to, like bookstores used to, before Covid. It felt like a bookstore trying to be a bookstore? Like cosplay. People performing reading. It was the weirdest feeling.

I want to write something beautiful and meaningful (the new book I’ve started). I don’t want you to read it and have it feel like a very long tweet. Good books are always meditations. They are not “hot takes.” And, as I’ve started saying: there will be NO artificial intelligence in my work EVER. Not on my blog, not in my books, not in our personal Readings.


And as I said above, I feel differently about it all. The “it” being the astrology of August and September. I think we’re reached the crest and now we’re looking down. Now we have some perspective.

Are you feeling this?

To be continued…