Little Fractures: The Stars This Week

Yesterday my tooth hurt.

Sometimes I get a little nerve pain from an accident a few months ago which caused some little fractures. My amazing dentist recommended a watch and wait approach and it’s been the right one, but occasionally if I eat the wrong thing, it’ll hurt for a bit and I always think: is this just for a little bit? Are we done watching and waiting? So far so good says my tooth.

And this week might hurt a little bit or a lot. You might watch and wait or you might make a move. Watching and waiting would be the better idea. I mean, today I was frustrated. I was frustrated by the Nor’easter (on my walk). I was frustrated by a portion of a Bion paper (psychoanalytic writing) that confused me. I was frustrated by being a student on Zoom and inadequate tech. I was frustrated by the construction across the street which today wasn’t just noise but vibration/rattling and no escape from it in my apartment. And the time change. And the two bad dreams I had this morning. And the this and that and this and that a mile long.

I even felt frustrated in my analysis and felt frustrated that I felt frustrated. There was no oceania today.

I have Mars in Cancer in my natal chart. Actually, I have three planets in Cancer square Jupiter. You can imagine the emotional depth and breadth. Mars in Cancer and my Moon (Cancer’s ruler) is conjunct Pluto. It’s time for me to stop thinking that… everyone is gonna be like me. I mean, I tell my clients this all the time when I see their incredible charts.

But I got off the phone with my analyst and I must have cried for an hour. On the phone I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel an impulse to cry. But I got off the phone and I cried and cried and cried. I didn’t even know why. But I know I spent the day literally rattled. That machine across the street, right outside my window, drilling into the earth. Our frustration this week and every week will come out in rages or tears or walking into a wall. I am a firm believer in feeling the feelings and thinking the thoughts if at all possible so as to avoid it manifesting in a bodily/physical/psychosomatic way. Trust me on this.

The astrology: Mars in Gemini is squaring all the planets in Pisces and if you aren’t weepy and angry then you must be dead.

Advice? You want advice, right? Settle in. Settle down. I got the Ten of Pentacles for you. Don’t fight this week. No matter how rattled you get, no matter how many little fractures, err on the side of PENTACLES. Slow.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"