Sun Opposite Saturn, Santa Muerte, & Pluto Power

"sun opposite saturn"
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I think my best writing these days is for Patheos Pagan, but as usual I’ll try to keep up here.
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New column is up at Patheos though – Breaking Up With Santa Muerte.

I don’t want to write about the stars this week – despite SATURN.
Saturn’s the star here.

This week we are under Sun and Mercury opposing Saturn and frankly I’m not impressed.
Shine all the light you want, Gemini Sun!

Tell me what I need to know. I’m sure you will. More than one version as well!


the opposition aspect in astrology requires you STOP going to extremes.
Requires you stop taking sides. This vs. that. Conflict.
Requires you stop projecting (yup gonna use that word!) the part of the opposition you DO NOT LIKE onto others.

What I’m thinking is that you (and me) are the Sun and Mercury in this scenario and it’s Saturn that we say is THEM. He’s the bad guy. She’s the bad guy with them RULES and lessons and you want me to WHAT? Get up off the couch and what???

Every opposition harkens back (Yes harkens back) to the ORIGINAL opposition –
Aries vs. Libra
ME vs. WE
Mars vs. Venus

ALL OPPOSITIONS ARE RELATIONAL i.e. all oppositions are about relationships.
Between you and something/someone else.
Or as my teacher used to say: oppositions are other people.

I got Pluto opposing my Sun for YEARS now and hell yes I got Pluto people coming at me and I have had to CHANGE to deal with it, them, WE BECOME RUTHLESS and it’s not all bad because Pluto is power. And we need power to stay alive!

So this time, this week, we got Saturn:
work, effort, structure, discipline, LESSONS.

And here comes the SUN so you gonna SEE and here comes Mercury so you gonna THINK and SPEAK and possibly even WRITE your way to sanity under this Gemini – Sagittarius opposition which is an intellectual argument, intellectual tug of war. It’s not about heart.

Saturn can be a downer so you may feel gloomy this week BUT there’s a way out, a way in, a way to blend these ingredients so you don’t feel so at the mercy of someone else’s rules. Make sense?

Say it. Say I AM SATURN. Stand up.  Structure up. Create your form. What’s your form? The form of your LIFE????!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t have a CUP, how you gonna fill it UP? The nectar of your dreams will fall through! Let the Gemini planets give you some ideas about this!!!

About your Cup!!! And what to fill it with.

I know it sounds small and silly right? This metaphor. Soft and silly Cup.

But Saturn (and Capricorn) ain’t nothing but the Moon (and Cancer) without the crab shell.

They are MORE exposed and thus seem tougher but we all know the truth, don’t we.

Yes. Yes we do.


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