Postcard From My Saturn Transit + More Thoughts For Tomorrow’s New Moon in Scorpio

Do you ever wake up one day and realize you have to change your entire life? I’m having that moment.

Some might call this a Uranus transit (and we’re all under a Uranus transit these days with the New Moon in Scorpio tomorrow with Mars and Uranus in the mix.)

But I feel it. I feel it profoundly. And I feel like I’m waiting for instruction from my Higher Self because I know that how things are right now? It makes no sense. I’m spinning my wheels. I get visions of an image from the movie One from the Heart: woman with a suitcase and an empty street. Is she coming home or setting out? So the question becomes how to get back on track, back on path, or to create a new track, a new path. It’s times like these that I wish I had a ME to talk to. Seriously.

But this is what New Moons are for. Set the intention. Plant the seed. My intention, my seed, is to figure this out before the end of this. year: what track, what path, even if it’s no track, no path because THIS. AIN’T IT.

Last night in the middle of the night: the same old shit with the neighbors and I thought to myself: hey at least I’m not in a war zone but I don’t want to deal with THIS anymore. What is THIS? Whatever you don’t want to deal with that, ideally, you have the power to change. Now, the power to change doesn’t mean the Tower necessarily. It might mean the Wheel of Fortune. It might mean the Fool. It might even mean the Hanged Man or High Priestess. The adjustment might be subtle. The adjustment might be subtle but mighty. Life is too damn short to be on a track, a path, that ain’t yours. And I’ll tell you this… sometimes we leave a path to stay on path. Maybe I’ll stay in school next semester. It depends if there are classes I can take in the day. But that’s just one example of the needed overhaul. I need to start from the ground up. Am I under a Saturn transit? WHY YES I AM.

My schooling was a journey. A wrestling with demons journey. I had questions I needed answers to. I got them. So now my patience is wearing thin with the bullshit. It ain’t it.

There comes a time in every man’s life where he gets tired of banging on doors that don’t and won’t open. So he turns around. He looks in another direction. He finds an open door.

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