You, Lone Wolf, With Company: Jupiter Enters Libra To Save You

I’m sorry for the delay in posting recent comments. They went to my SPAM and I hadn’t been checking my spam. I think I got them all posted but am still digging back to see.

So Jupiter is now in Libra and I was reading something interesting last night about Jupiter – a lovely keyword – redeemer, redemption. That this is Jupiter’s function (one function among many) and I hadn’t thought of him quite that way but YES isn’t it so. Jupiter rules blessing and LUCK.

Redemption for us all through LIBRA ways and means and style but also today I wanted to briefly mention the end of the Saturn Neptune square (last pass is tomorrow) and fear (Saturn) vs. faith (Neptune/Jupiter).

How that FAITH part is going to be easier now BUT

it’s a practice.

Does faith perfect? I don’t think so. It remains a practice and yet easier without that gnarled square, without Saturn banging on our Neptune heart. Even your meditation practice will be easier.

All summer long you probably felt it. No hope. And no doubt it made your Pisces House so so so so sad.

Some good news: Jupiter in Libra will harmonize with Saturn in Sagittarius and Saturn will harmonize with Uranus in Aries and it will be an interesting fall and I really do believe we get to have more good days and rebuild, this time with company. Libra can’t bear to be alone and maybe it would be so bad if you, lone wolf, had a little friend for yourself as well.