New Moon in Cancer: Hurt Feelings and Moon Conjunct Mercury


The usual thing is boring to me, and I am not one of those people who will complain,
I’m BORED.  Nope not me.

This is why I like writing for Patheos Pagan so much even though it hasn’t been so astrological, but perhaps next week it shall be.

I’m just not interested in the usual type of astrology writing anymore.

"moon conjunct mercury"
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We have a New Moon in Cancer on June 26 and it’s a good one, a Sun Moon Mercury conjunction, and thus an abundance of pure Cancer energy and I’m supposed to say to you:

set your intentions around home and family and food and nurturing and baby bears and what have you.

That Cancer Season shines a light on nourishment, milk, mothers, motherhood, mothering,
and the lack of all three.

Moods, moodswings, our emotional lives, emotional history, memory.

Oh. Maybe it is interesting after all.

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QUESTION:  What is the essence of Cancer?
Of being a Cancer? (I have my Sun and Mercury and Mars there).

That it’s okay to feel. It’s okay to retreat. It’s okay to self-protect. It’s okay to be yourself. It’s okay to cry.

You know you are doing Cancer right when you let yourself feel AND when the feelings of others don’t scare or threaten you. You don’t try to silence them or change them AND YET sometimes complications ensue! Read on, my dear.

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The other day I had a fight with a water sign friend.

I don’t usually fight with friends so… that says something right there.

Is he a friend? Maybe not. One of the many things he said was that I wasn’t sensitive to his feelings.

BUT the thing is this – and this is a Cancer THING – his feelings were about ME, about something I had done.

So I felt rejected. He shamed me – for being me.

(And he would probably disagree with that assessment but this isn’t his blog.)

One morning, I had sent him a message, the contents of which made him uncomfortable – my usual Moon Pluto self was too much for him at that moment in time and there I was just being jolly and chatting away and COMFORTABLE,  but he made it clear this was NOT okay and then proceeded to tell me that he should be able to tell me how he feels about my behavior and that I should understand and be fine with it. Yes Sir please may I have another?


I felt hurt and rejected. All I was doing was… saying hello the way I sometimes say hello. With enthusiasm! With someone I feel comfortable with. My way of showing comfort and love. I was sharing. MYSELF.

Note to self:
Not everyone wants love, Aliza.

Or experiences it the way YOU do.

Clearly I had misjudged the connection entirely. And you know what (and this isn’t about him) but some people PLAY deep but aren’t really deep. They don’t’ really want connection. They kind of… pose. What they rather do is live in escape and denial. But in public they “appear” to live a spiritually and psychologically rich life but in essence they… are not. The ME you see here is the me I am all the time.

But something about me (AS USUAL, I should say) was too much.  For this person. This was not someone I could be Moon Pluto with. At least, not whenever I felt like it. I couldn’t be me and be received. No safety thus… no friendship.

"moon conjunct pluto"
Photo by Aliza


Can you relate?
Do you have people you can truly be yourself with, share your feelings with?

Do you have friends that you can send a message to at 8 am on a Saturday morning and they will receive it? I don’t mean respond at 8 am but… receive it. Accept it. From the heart. Instead of finding fault.

Moral of the story:

This New Moon could herald a breakthrough for you.

The Moon will conjoin MERCURY. Mercury walks and talks and thinks and in Cancer you can get to a pretty deep place, trust your intuition, and since we are all Cancers during Cancer Season we’re supposed to do this:

feel feelings
retreat when we need to
seek comfort
seek safety
be comfort
be safe

Make sense?

For information about Readings, just message me at Moonpluto@gmail and we can talk about all this and more xoxo love you

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