Just Checking In. You Okay? (Post Eclipse Head Count)

"jupiter trine pluto"

There’s a storm coming where I live.
Went out this morning to procure supplies and now I’m waiting, doing some writing and on the social media.

How are YOU?

Hard to believe that it’s September 1st.
WE MADE IT. We made it through the grueling summer (in my hemisphere).
Grueling in the sense of slow and uncertain – and once that Mars Saturn conjunction perfected? We could breathe again.

The Eclipse was this morning, exact on my Ascendent (and Vesta and close to my South Node) so… I don’t know.


I raised my rates this morning too. Which reminds me: the Reading & Teaching Bundles still exist. Chatroom B is taking new members and I have room for new Tarot Subscribers. Just email me for more info about anything moonpluto@gmail or find me on Facebook. 

Could be some gloomy moods today and tomorrow, theirs or yours, as the Sun makes a hard aspect to Saturn the Teacher. He/She is not SO happy with you. (And maybe it’s YOU not happy with you.)

But tomorrow the Sun opposes Neptune so what you thought was so hard turns out to NOT be so hard after all. You find the key. You slip away. That’s on Friday.

Also on Friday:

Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Virgo but Mercury is retrograde so I think there will be a lot of talk (not necessarily gossip but TALK), discussion, writing, editing, possibly nonstop, possibly exhausting and possibly, well, critical IMPORTANT talk. But take it all with a grain because Mercury is retrograde and Jupiter exaggerates, inflates, and Mercury Jupiter can feel like the BEST word or the BEST idea or the BEST mouth but… I suggest you wait before jumping on it. Wait until Mercury comes that way again and holds Jupiter’s hand. There’s a piece missing. Wait.


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