Stories For Mercury No Longer Retrograde

My analyst acts like we have all the time in the world. I don’t know how old he is, but he’s older than me. Today I asked him what something meant. “Symbolically,” I said. What does it mean symbolically? And as I sit here typing to you I can’t remember what he said. Maybe I changed the subject or went a little to the left or the right. I swerved. Oh yes. I remember now. He told me what he thought it meant. It made me laugh.

But we don’t have all the time in the world (I think to myself). I’m obsessed with my parents having died so young, and suddenly. Soon enough I will outlive them both. We don’t have all the time in the world. I make a note: tell him this next session. Time is of the essence. Time has come today. Time waits for no one. It’s now or never.

Why these stories? Why now? Mercury went direct today. Now the stories can be told. When Mercury is retrograde, we keep them to ourselves. I figured out which classes I want to take today. I organized my list of next agents to query earlier today. Nothing is settled, nothing is solved, but some things got done, got more clear. This is the gift of Mars and Mercury both direct and once Uranus joins them (beginning this Sunday) what happens next will be… what must be. It must be.

I remember this feeling I had once. Trying to remember when it was. But the thought in my head went something like: this is the least suicidal I’ve ever been. When was that? It took me by surprise. I really do wish I could remember, but something must have been going very right or… I don’t know. But I feel that way now too. Nothing is settled, nothing is solved, but some things get done, get more clear. And I registered for two classes this morning and I felt such relief.

But about the astrology: all planets in direct motion soon enough leaves less time for introspection and more… momentum. Force gained by a series of events. Hmm. What will be? It must be.

In other news: the Sun enters Aquarius this week and we have a New Moon. Just when you thought you were drowning by Saturn (today is the Sun Pluto conjunction in Capricorn), things change, as they always do.

I don’t always “do stuff” i.e. witchcraft for New Moons or Full Moons, but I have a feeling about this one. There’s some kinda magic to it.  Maybe you should give it a try. Return to your wishes. Maybe there’s something you’ve been hoping for. May as well wish big, right? Okay another story and I need to give him a name. I’ll call him Dr. K. So I was telling Dr. K. about something I wanted, a dream, an 11th House type dream, a goal, and I felt kind of bashful about it, saying how it’s kind of a big dream, going from A to Z like that. And he said if you’re gonna dream, you may as well dream big, and that’s how I feel about this New Moon.

These are the kind of thoughts/blog posts that I may eventually move to a Substack type of space but we’ll see. Gotta get that third book out in the world and then I’ll know more. Until then… astrology, tarot, magic, and psychoanalysis 🙂

To be continued…