Pluto In Aquarius: A Series (Part Two)

What is Pluto?

Pluto will be changing signs, okay, but what is Pluto? What does Pluto symbolize?

I’m sitting here, thinking, writing to you, wondering if I can sum up Pluto in a way that will satisfy me. If it satisfies me then it might satisfy you.

And this won’t be the last word on the topic EVER, but I’m gonna try to say a few helpful words about Pluto, the nature of Pluto, what Pluto stands for, what Pluto does.

And I am speaking from experience here.

Pluto makes things strong. That’s not all Pluto does but Pluto makes things STRONG. Strong meaning powerful, expressive, and able to lift or carry heavy weight. Pluto doesn’t break. Pluto is unbreakable.

And yet, simultaneously, Pluto destroys. That’s the tricky part to understand. Pluto simultaneously makes something strong while also destroying it. This is a tough concept to understand because it is both at once. IT IS BOTH AT ONCE. ¬†And I also feel that it is constantly happening in the background, or foreground, of your life. Pluto, in your natal chart, is always making you (or parts of you or parts of your life) stronger and also destroying you (or parts of you or parts of your life). Yes, it’s really annoying.

So let’s say Pluto enters a new sign which it will next year for a few months, into Aquarius, and this Pluto might be up to something in your chart. It might be squaring some planet of yours right away or throwing you a trine. It will also move into a new part of your chart. Pluto is thus going to begin its job of strengthening and destroying (simultaneously) what that planet or those planets symbolize. Maybe Pluto is going to be affecting your Venus right away. You better start to understand what Venus means in astrology in general and what *your* Venus means, what your Venus is up to in your personal chart. Your relationships, your appearance, your self-esteem, your values, and more, will all change under the influence of Pluto.

I guess a simple way to say it is that Pluto transits change you but that’s like saying being crucified changes you but it’s nonetheless true.

One last point for now: the sooner you realize that Pluto is your power the better, and yes the strengthening *and* the destroying is part of that power. It may be time to acquaint yourself with your destroying power.

Pluto is gonna enter Aquarius for a few months next year and not get all the far, but you will get a taste of what’s to come.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"