Go Fish: Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

"uranus in taurus"
When I started my Patreon
I wasn’t sure what direction it would take and I didn’t think about it much. Offer some “rewards” for folks who wanted to support my work but now it’s reminding me (one tier in particular, The Coven) of the Facebook groups I used to have but better because more focused.

That’s Topic One. The Coven was created to discuss magic, our spiritual lives, and “what is a witch” but now I’ve introducedĀ writing practice and the revelations are immense and intense! The link below has all the info. I can’t believe it’s been SO LONG since I had a regular journaling practice. It’s a small sweet group. I look forward to everyone’s revelations.

Topic Two: Irons In The Fire.

My sister introduced me to the Marco Polo app and I trade videos with her and a couple other family members and I didn’t think I would like but I love it and the other day I was talking to her in a video about irons in the fire. I like to have a few.

When you feel stuck, ask yourself: do I have any irons in the fire? Do I need to put one in? Add one? Take one away? And I said to her there are times to do nothing of course, times to rest, and times to speed up and also times to put irons in the fire. Maybe this is how fire-people garden šŸ˜‰Ā 

What phase are you in? Does this resonate for you? Are you resting or ironing? šŸ™‚Ā 

Astrologically I connect this to our current Mercury retrograde in Pisces ordeal. Confusion. Disorientation. Obscurity. Strange dreams.

How it can possibly be time do anything but sit back and watch the curtain open and close. Well, there may be ideas or projects you put aside. Time to tweak them perhaps. Or, and this is a good one, sometimes an iron in the fire can be… and sorry to mix my metaphors… can be like fishing.

Mercury is retro in Pisces, sign of the fish GO FISHING.

Throw the hook in the deep. What do you want to catch?

Maybe nothing you try to create now will come to FULL fruition but maybe something will.
Review and redo.
Revision and revitalize.
Go fish.

Make sense?Ā 

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