Mars Is Still Direct :)

I listened to the same music over and over when I was writing my memoir (and yes I am still agent-hunting). When I listen to that music now, it takes me back to how I felt when I was writing it:  intensity, hunger, longing.

But the book is funny — at least one person who rejected it so far (a tiny indie press who agreed with me that it was fit for a larger audience) assured me of that (the humor).

Mars is direct and Mercury goes direct this week and so does Uranus and I can feel it in my body as I listen to these songs tonight. Desire. And how I had started a book about therapy (well, not a book about therapy but there’s a therapist in it) a full year before I went back to therapy with that Virgo Sun. It changed my life. If this book ever finds a home, I will need to find a way to thank that musician whose songs inspired me so.

This year (it’s January 2023 as I write to you) doesn’t feel like 2020 or 2021 or 2022. At all. It feels calmer. Is it just me?

Mars direct: we can do things again. Less frozen. Sent out agent queries this evening and will do more tomorrow and it’s only a matter of time before before my weird quirky lyrical little book finds a home. See? That confidence? That’s Mars direct. Do I feel sad at times? Sure. But the fire is back and it’s back for you too.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"