Alas, Whatevs: The Stars Right Now

Socia media can be painful. I just had one such interaction. I was making a joke and the other person (total stranger, probably decades younger than me) didn’t get the joke and I was sarcastic in response. I knew they wouldn’t get that joke either and they didn’t so they just kept elaborating on some stupid shit and I thought to myself: thank god I will never write another book in my current genre. I know. Never say never but it’s my wish. It was my wish with my second book too, my second book that isn’t really a witch book and misunderstood, although some people get it. Alas. Whatevs.

But back to the Venus Retrograde conversation. And I just did a video on the Patreon about Capricorn Season which really is Venus Retrograde Season and we need to evaluate ALL our relationships. The social-media-stranger ones really don’t matter to me, although they are annoying. And that’s what Venus Retrograde is for — to figure out which ones really do matter. And maybe you have one or two and maybe you have twenty or 200. Don’t let anyone tell you that same old “HUMANS ARE SOCIAL ANIMALS.” ¬†Some of us are; some of us aren’t. Don’t let the normals make the rules for you.

In other star news: the third and final Saturn Uranus square is tomorrow and in the smallest of nutshells, this is an aspect of frustration. You want what you want and you want to do what you want, but THE RULES.¬† They get in the way oh well it won’t make you any less rebellious and you can’t be contained. You will do what is meant for you to do. YOU. CANNOT. BE. CONTAINED. I want to say: so don’t even try. But you actually DO need to contain it. It’s a square. Hanged Man vibes. You’re stuck.

Is it a frustrating week? YES
Should you be making important life decisions this week? NO.

What to do: stay focused if you can. It’s what’s helping me and I’m under this sky too. And if somebody doesn’t get your joke? Just move on. Pick your battles. Can’t change stupid, etc. Not everyone is meant to get your delightfulness, okay? Okay!

Talk to you again soon,