Faith Takes Work: Jupiter in Libra

Faith takes work. Faith is a practice.

I’m not sure anyone ever perfects it. We all have moments of doubt. And this, I think, is good news.

I know, I know, Jupiter is not in Virgo anymore and for that I am grateful. Jupiter expands  our alone-ness. Virgo the Virgin, right?

Now it’s all different. Jupiter in Libra expands our love and our faith in other people, in the rightness of relationship.

But faith takes work, even in Libra, and the work is with others.
Seek others during this transit. Collaboration. Allies. Togetherness. Does this make you want to vomit? Then this transit is for you.

I’m a worrier who lives by faith. But not just the work of faith. I also live by work. In other words, when I’m worried about something I push my faith  mechanism to kick in even stronger, higher, but I also have stuff to do.

Example I’m self-employed. If I’m worried about money I can’t just only pray and mediate. I must do those things too. I must do things BIG. But I also have to blog and promote and market and talk to people, even when I don’t really want to.

Jupiter is in Libra. Be social. Be friendly. Smile. Relax. Dress nice. Pay attention to the symmetry. Libra loves their symmetry.

What’s your favorite color? Think about that.



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