Blog Post For The Broken Who Are Anxiously Awaiting The North Node In Leo

"north node in leo"

I write for the broken people who feel they have no hope of being repaired

but if you don’t fit that category, you can still read here, you can still visit. Maybe you have come to show us the way.

Show us the way OUT of hope. Keep reading…

Listen, the broken people look to every new astrological transit with great hope and expectation and yes sometimes with great dread because we know.

We know how bad it can be. We know how it is to lose, well, everything. To be homeless or sick or friendless, loveless, unimaginable grief, unable to get out of bed, to be caught in an existence so painful that… there’s nothing left but that still small voice: help.

I know.

It can seem like it will never get better.

But “Better” is the wrong paradigm. It’s the wrong way to think about life.

Listen, I have a client with a chronic health condition and my cards show she WILL get better but I don’t blame her for not feeling it.

And the things in my life that I think will NEVER GET BETTER, well, sometimes that means I need to look OVER HERE instead of “over there” and the Nodes shifting can bring this change in perspective.

Uh-oh. That sounded mildly hopeful.

My point is this: I’m not here to cheerlead or platitude you. I’m here to sit with you in your darkness and maybe there is NO WAY out of the current situation but:

the Ten of Swords always foretells the Page of Swords or, better yet, the Ace. What are the Swords but TRUTH!!!!????

You’re probably sick to death of Christ on the cross metaphors, especially if you have a Christian background, and maybe it’s time to give up on redemption. Rebirth. Give up on HOPE.

What can we have instead? There is this slim passageway that I see in my mind’s eye. A sliver of a place to get to. It’s a way out.

It’s not THE DREAM. It’s not the dream that hasn’t come true yet. It’s something else entirely.

And I like that the Nodes are changing signs and I especially like that the Nodes are leaving Virgo and Pisces because we won’t have to work so damn hard. At least for a little while.

I know Saturn co-rules Aquarius but so does Uranus and the North Node will be in the SUN, in Leo so what we have to shoot for isn’t about the critical analytical PERFECT mind of Virgo. Instead, what we have is the heart. Heart is the goal. Heart is the prize. And the present moment.

Pisces is always longing longing longing longing misty and crying but Aquarius? Pick up and MOVE ON. I have never seen anyone move as fast as Sun/Moon/Rising in Aquarius. They get accused of  being ROBOTIC but we could use some of that LIBERATION, don’t you think?

I’m reminded of a poem from Jon Anderson that begins: “I know there is a worm in the human heart…”

and if you feel like that worm, if you feel like there’s no hope for you in your CURRENT INCARNATION or the resurrection you hoped to have, I want to tell you:

it’s okay to not win THOSE prizes. Look beyond problems solved and happy endings and promised lands you never get the keys to. There’s another way to live.

The truth about the North Node coming to Leo (with South Node in Aquarius):

you can shape shift but shift into YOU.

You can be YOU more than you ever thought possible. THAT is the North Node in Leo. Getting to that point, that place of you which is so different than this… hologram you of all these years.

Can you accept where you are right now?  That you don’t have enough money or love or success or sex or self acceptance but THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE.

Stop running.

This is your humanity. This is where you are. All your failures and debts and heartbreaks and bad skin and mistakes. All of it. Please stop trying to outrun the pain.

I don’t want to run anymore, which is what hope feels like to me. Running running running hoping hoping hoping. I want to be right here. This, what I’m describing to you, is the opposite of crisis, the opposite of overwhelm. It’s calm, it’s present.

It reminds me of stuff I read from Pema Chodron years ago. To give up hope. And how this is a message of true freedom from suffering.

I’m here to tell you that: maybe you’re never gonna get it right. And that actually is okay. By “right” I mean… perfect. Or whatever your ultimate dream/plan was. We are moving from North Node Virgo to North Node Leo. Leo doesn’t try to get it right or strive for perfection. Leo already IS all those things, and more. Leo is NOT about self-improvement because there is nothing to fix. 

Make sense?

Much love to you xo and as always, if you want to talk 1:1 you know how to find me. Send me an email moonpluto@gmail and we’ll talk.

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