You Are The Crime & Bad Bad Cake: Hard Pluto Transits & What To Do About Them

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If you are under a HARD TRANSIT from Pluto: remember 
not everyone is having these transits.

THEY (people) are probably not going to give you rope. Not the rope you need. They will hate you for who you are (who they think you are) and find you reprehensible.

But oh my darlings if you are under a Pluto transit you are here to pretty much “admit to” the sins of this world, not to take them away. You will be blamed for crimes you didn’t commit. Maybe you took an extra helping of spaghetti but they say you stole their car. It’s like that. You get seen as bad, criminal, responsible for causing the pain they are now in.

Now of course in some situations this is true! Maybe you did hit them with the car. But I’m kinda thinking that in most cases you aren’t the evil one they say you are.

What to do? 

One risk is you take on their perceptions and start seeing YOURSELF as bad, evil, criminal.

I remember feeling this when Pluto was opposing my Sun for the 10000th time. That they saw me as evil or evil situations were offered to me so temptingly so hell why not embody it??

As though you are folding their perceptions into you like folding eggs into a batter and see yourself as THE DESTROYER. Bad bad cake. Yes, I caution against this. But your Pluto transit is here (and this blog post is here) to help get your head right around such matters.

With the square (in the natal or by transit): you see yourself as garbage. Worthless, hopeless. Doormat behavior results. You make poor dating choices. Others may or may not agree with your self-assessment.

Your garbage feelings may cause you to act-out so that it morphs into an opposition type transit. With the opposition, OTHERS see you as garbage and will likely tell you (and others) so. I guarantee it. Whether or not you see it, it’s happening. Like you see one roach in the middle of the night and of course there many more but hiding.

How to survive a Pluto transit? YOU HAVE NO CHOICE but to build yourself up, to see and understand your own power, step into your power. And use it wisely. And surrender to the fact you can’t control any of this. Pluto transits are rape transits. I use that painful metaphor on purpose. This doesn’t mean actual physical rape but nothing that happens for the duration of this transit is about your cooperation or consent. Things happen TO YOU.

What is this word and state of being I keep talking about, this POWER? Power is something that you feel inside that becomes your self-perception and behavior and energy. You can’t force power. It happens. You have it naturally (or not) and then life creates more. Your body just creates more, like new cells, based on your life experience. The more life experience the more potential for power. It’s far far far more than mere confidence. It’s stately. Unshakeable. Power: YOU ARE SOLID top to bottom. If you have a weakness? It’s hard to suss out. People feel it and they try to take you down. Undermine you. BUT THEY CANNOT. That’s when you know your power is real. When you can say: yeah so and so tried to take me down but they can’t because see? You can’t see through me. I’m wall to wall muscle and I don’t mean physical muscle.

And listen: the fact you having the Pluto transit in the first place MEANS (in the larger scheme of things) that you ARE powerful. And now people are reacting to it. So you can’t hide. You have to take it on: what is this power about? How do I use it? Engage with the energy? Ask yourself: How do I not scare people as I use it? How do I come to terms with the fact that people see me this way and how do I not alienate EVERYONE? It’s like a baby animal in the wild. The animal that knows how to kill from day one. That’s you, my darling.

Pluto = power. You can’t have this much power in the natal or by transit and just assume you are like everyone else. You are not. So stop. Please stop. Stop being OBLIVIOUS to this. Stop playing dumb. Check your chart. It’s pretty easy to see if you are under a Pluto transit. And if it’s in your natal (hard Pluto) then it’s true for all time. You have to get to the point where you look in the mirror and like the way such power looks on you. And behave accordingly. You are not god’s all suffering footstool. Victim mentality looks like shit on a Pluto Person. Also, true good use of power is the opposite of manipulation or baiting others. That’s not power. That’s immaturity. Your Pluto transit will smash your face for that bullshit. 

If you’ve had PLUTO do the dance of death all over your Rising (your angles), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus then you KNOW what I’m talking about. The other planets matter too but I am really privileging the PERSONAL planets here especially SUN AND MOON and Mercury.

So give yourself a break. Nobody else will. Compassion for yourself. YOU have to do it yourself. It’s like when I talk to harried women who GIVE TOO MUCH, give to depletion and exhaustion and invisibility and spiritual death and I say to them: you have to give to you. YOU have to take time. They’re not going to offer it to you: here, would you like a day off? NO. You have to organize your own escape.

PEOPLE, I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT BUBBLE BATHS. I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT BODY BUTTER. I’M NOT TALKING SELF-CARE. Fuck self-care. What I am talking about is far more radical than a goddamn freaking bubble bath. Hear me out. I’m talking becoming a witch and that you learn to adjust reality with your magic. A REAL witch with REAL magic. Real power.

A hard Pluto transit to your chart, also, will make you not only the criminal but the crime itself. Try to see this for what it is. That it’s the transit talking, embodied through other people. Take their twisted up notions of you and grab the scissors and cut out the malignancy of their perception. Cut it out. Return to sender if you choose. Or simply bury it. Or some other spell 🙂 Cast it to the wind. And what’s left? The purity of your power. Which you can then do with what you will. Easier said than done? Maybe. Maybe not.

Much love and Merry fucking Christmas for those who celebrate. I love you all. 

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