Chiron Enters Aries (April 17th)

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Chiron is controversial.
Some astrologers don’t include him.
I do.

But when I realize that I’m avoiding the topic of Chiron changing signs in April — yes, next month — I know I need to pay attention.

Chiron matters and Chiron is not an easy energy.
If you’ve spent time in astrology circles at all then you know we call Chiron the “Wounded Healer.”

Chiron, a centaur, could heal others but not himself.  Astrologer Howard Sasportas wrote that our Saturn problems could be healed, but not Chiron, that we carry these issues with us until the end.

There’s always a risk of that old wound getting ripped open.
No salve. Vulnerable there.
And maybe we need this Chiron. Do we? 

And this:
Is all hope lost? Due to Chiron’s presence in our psyches?

No, but it will be helpful if you can make room for Chiron.
Make room for your wound, your vulnerability.
This is not easily said or done. Feels better just to hide it away.

Chiron in Aries ain’t gonna hide it away.
Chiron in Aries: LOOK AT MY DAMN WOUND SEE IT???? 

Ideally, Chiron in Aries = NO SHAME.
But if YOU have Chiron in Aries and your Chiron takes some hard aspects, it won’t be so easy to be honest and open with yourself/others about your Chiron problems!

So what do we do?

We check our charts. We see where the new transit will be, how long it will last, the aspects it will make.

Chiron in Aries may be the most important healing transit of all.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, associated with spring, is ruled by fast and furious Mars.

It’s an initiating energy. It begins. It moves forward. It’s not roundabout. It’s direct. Direct route to healing, to a cure.
Expedited healing as I wrote on Facebook earlier today.

Sexual healing.
Passionate healing.
Healing WHO YOU ARE i.e. Aries and Mars are associated with First House of the zodiac which describes YOU.

Aries/Mars is warrior energy, pioneering, independent.

And Mars rules blood.
Chiron in Aries = blood healing, blood medicine, blood magick.
Magick of LIFE.

We are leaving the floating sea mystical realm of Chiron in Pisces for a more direct approach.

If the medicine of choice does not work? We will move on.
Chiron in Aries will be obsessed with its own healing and finding a CURE for pain.

We’ve only just begun to talk about this but I hope I’ve got you thinking… 

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