The Stars This Week: Pluto Direct + Mars In Capricorn FINALLY


From my Facebook today:

We must not believe that because it hasn’t happened yet that it will never happen. Health. Happiness. Success. Money. Whatever the need is. Love. Don’t accept that if you have struggled your entire life that it will remain so. My life continually surprises me and in this way I think our lives are no different, but you have to open your eyes.

And from yesterday: 

Jupiter in Libra begs the question: Who is your partner?
It may not be who you think it is.
Your search is supposed to be altered under this transit. Your relationship is supposed to grow (Jupiter) under this transit. I’m speaking in vague terms because it will be different for everyone.

The relationship that you have with yourself matters.
The relationship you have with your guides, your angels, your animal companions matter. Friends, clients, students, teachers.

We focus so much on romance and sex that we forget that a passionate union may be of the spirit or soul.

On the other hand, you may simply acquire a new romantic love under Jupiter in Libra ūüôā

We will be questioning. We should be questioning.
Who are our allies and collaborators? Who are we committed to?

Remember that Jupiter in Libra will aspect Uranus and Pluto.
All partnerships are going to get very… interesting during Jupiter in libra

THIS WEEK: Pluto goes direct and Mars enters Capricorn. New Moon in Libra on Friday at 8 degrees (blog post to come). 

Jupiter is in Libra and partnership is emphasized.

So what happens when outer planet Pluto (deep deep deep deep transformation and union/intimacy) goes direct on Monday (and remember that Libra and Capricorn square, always and forever)-

and fast moving Mars (sex, war, blood) enters Capricorn on Tuesday, immediately squaring off with Jupiter (exact aspect October 5th).

I’ll tell you what happens:

There will be in increase and an emphasis in your Aries House, your Scorpio House, your Capricorn House. There will be an increase in passion. There will be an increase in passion in those houses! Obsession. Compulsion. The Devil card. The Death card. AND Venus is in Scorpio. You ready?

I do NOT consider this “bad” in and of itself.

I consider it this: your life showing you your desire. Look it in the face.

Remember that Scorpio and Capricorn sextile and that Aries (where Uranus is traveling) doth inconjunct Scorpio and squares Capricorn.

All three of these Houses (Aries, Cap, Scorpio) will require your attention. Don’t leave any of them out. You are simultaneously wrapping shit up and going deeper than you ever have before.


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