Freedom Ride: Venus Square Uranus

So I just got off the phone with one of my Tarot people.

I teach Tarot one on one (old school!) and for special students only meaning that… it has to be just right.

They have to be the right student for me and I’m the right teacher for them and it’s like anything that fits. It does or it doesn’t.

Makes me think of my analyst. I think I like him. I think I like him “enough” (or I like him a lot) and I’m looking forward to talking to him next week because I analyzed something he told me and I’m excited to share it. It’s a mostly life-drive relationship so far (as opposed to a death-drive relationship lol) and we’ve weathered two storms already and I’m learning so much. (And still wondering where to put and keep my thoughts about psychoanalytic training and until then I’ll put them here.)

And I wasn’t planning on blogging this afternoon but whenever I hear that my blog is what made someone want to get a reading from me or work with me, I feel okay it’s time to come back and say hello and share a little something about the sky.

Today’s lesson is not about my current obsession Mars going DIRECT in the sky but about Venus square Uranus (exact on Saturday).

If you have this aspect in your natal, then you’re a flight risk. You can tell me all day and all night that you’re not a flight risk, but I won’t believe you. I’ll simply point to the chart.

We don’t see our squares. They are blind spots! We have to be SHOWN our squares and then we start to see, at least a little, around the edges.

Think of Venus square Uranus this way: Venus is love and relationships and Uranus is the freedom urge. I said to someone the other day: you get bored. The relationship can last only so long and then you manufacture the reason (or you finally come out of denial!) to flee. He was telling me: they always turn out to be crazy. And I said okay you are picking them. YOU ARE PICKING THEM. (You are outsourcing your crazy.)

Can it be fixed? Sure. You can become aware of it. You can give yourself freedom in other ways if the relationship is something you want to keep. But I think there’s always a risk that you will wake up one day with this conflict clanging in your head and your suitcase packed. Because you can’t bear it. You can’t bear your love in one place. HOW to fix it? Good question!

Venus Uranus people are very compelling, alluring.  They are compelling and alluring BECAUSE they have the freedom urge. They are independent! Freedom-urge people are sexy. And scary! Freedom-urge people are sexy and scary because they don’t need us at all. They’re elusive. But this quality can sometimes be an escape from intimacy. Venus Uranus people need to learn to… not fly and not flee if they want a relationship to last. (And there are so many ways to fly and flee even when we stay.) Of course other chart factors may increase or decrease any or all of this but please know if you are a Venus Uranus person or you have a Venus Uranus person in your life… that freedom is along for the ride.

In my own chart: I have a very wide sextile I don’t think anyone would give me that sextile but I think it counts. Is the sextile “better” than the square? I’m not so sure. My chart is relationship challenged in certain ways and I’m wondering what these years of schooling will shake loose. I think it’s already starting. And I think to myself: I need to give him a name, a nickname, my analyst. (You have to be IN analysis while training to be one.) I’ll let you know what I come up with.

In the meantime, check your chart! Do you have a Venus Uranus contact? What does it mean to you? What have you noticed?

To be continued…