Skateaway: Mars Goes Direct In Gemini

I don’t even know what to say anymore about Mars going direct. I can hardly believe it. After all this time. It’s happening this Thursday and it’s been so many months and Mars still needs to go through almost all of Gemini again but… This was a big one. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to expect. We’ve wanted it. Now it’s here. Just about here. This time we’re gonna get what we want. I mean, it will be less painful. Will you get everything? No. But there’s something you’ve got your eye on, coming out of your Gemini House even if that thing is… a day, a minute. Maybe it’s a thought.

I opened up my astrological calendar and just stared at it. I still am. Virgo Moon. Venus sextile Chiron. Mars Direct. 3:56 pm Eastern time. What does it all mean?

Well, my life changed. Changed forever I’m thinking. And I know other people too for whom this is true. And still others who… were less affected. One thing is for certain: you stare at something long enough and you get a clue. And another clue if you ask it questions. We’ve come all this way. We’ve come too far not to get the answers we seek.

February is key. I feel this. Let all those planets go direct (Mars, Mercury, Uranus) and you will come to a clearing.

For those of you who like my psychoanalysis stories: I had a good time in analysis today. I always do. A good time, yes. It’s endlessly interesting to me. He doesn’t work like any other “therapist” I’ve known. And today I wanted to push him about something. I hadn’t planned on it, but I found myself there. He takes it all in good humor, all in stride. Doesn’t retaliate, which is peculiar to me. Most therapists I’ve known in recent years seem to take great pride in their dazzling razor sharp interpretations, but this guy has different training, and I even asked him once if he was different even within his school of thought, so to speak, and he said yes.

It’s all new. Everything is new. I didn’t know I would live again at this late age. I didn’t know exactly where I was headed besides wanting to find a home for my third book. I’m selecting my classes for next semester and it’s starting to feel less like a dream.

But about that Mars. If you are reading this, then you made it. You made it through months of thinking you were superman and then thinking you weren’t and now maybe with Mars direct we’ll feel normal? Nah. It’s Mars in Gemini after all. Just like before, you are gonna fly so fast and get so distracted and intoxicated. Lace up those skates, dear star lovers, life is about to get moving again.

To be continued…