Do Not Get Married This Week (Venus Problems)


What else to tell you about Scorpio Season?

It’s dark. It’s quiet. I say this as the dog is barking next door and the cat is trying to jump up on the little table where I’m typing this. And the other cat just ran like a lunatic down the hall.

Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Virgo. It’s a smart, secretive sky. Spy sky.

Tuesday: Venus square Neptune 
Wednesday: Venus sextile Jupiter
Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury and Mars sextile Chiron. 
Friday: Mars square Uranus and a Libra Moon. 
Sunday is the New Moon in Scorpio. 

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun Venus but we’re in Scorpio time. Undercover. She makes a hard aspect and a soft aspect this week. She’s the star this week.

And OH how did I not see this? Saturday is the Venus Saturn conjunction. 

It’s almost 9pm and I feel like I need to think about this but let’s see what I can tell you until I come back tomorrow…

Venus Neptune is sensitive.
Venus Jupiter is hopeful.
Venus Saturn is realistic (or pessimistic).
Who wins? The Neptune/Jupiter love train or Saturn the Teacher?

I wonder if you know what you want or how has it changed since… last week?

Venus Neptune Jupiter is stupid embarrassing hope but then Saturn.
Sorry about that Saturn. Keepin it real. A damper. Be wise. Grow up. Don’t be stupid and embarrassing says Saturn. He/She wasn’t that into you anyway. You could lose hope if you aren’t careful. The up side of the Venus Saturn is that Venus can soften Saturn”s fear.

And then there’s Mars square Uranus which is completely out of control and which Mars in Capricorn does not appreciate at all.

Do not get married this week.
Do not get divorced his week.

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune, conjunct Saturn and sextile Jupiter. The way she loves is SO HUGE but then Saturn. Fear. Contraction. Saturn.

No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t work, does it? So Venus gets sad. Don’t be sad Venus. Scorpio Season is good. Scorpio Season is rich. Do your magick. Dust off your altar. New candles are in order. Sweep. Dance with your dead.


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