New Moon In Pisces: Stepping Out Of The Frame

I got a new Testimonial the other day!

Aliza is the rare mix of accurate psychic, skilled astrologer, and clear counsel, giving you the message you need to hear in a way you can hear it. Her reading has helped me navigate changes and challenges with more grace and awareness that I would have without her, affirming what I was feeling and giving advice on how to proceed. Highly recommend her if you are looking for some depth and help to navigate the future.

– Christopher Penczak, Author, Teacher and Co-Founder of the Temple of Witchcraft

And now for the sky-news:

About this phrase “stepping out of the frame”

I don’t mean that someone is taking your picture and you don’t want to be seen (although that’s usually me!). I don’t mean that you are being erased. What I’m talking about here is when the frame or framework is, well, bad for you. Unhealthy in some way. The frame limits you. Maybe it’s due to some past trauma. Maybe it’s not that severe. Maybe it’s a simple, easy frame. Maybe this frame has only been around a month. My point, though, is that all the frames are pliable or they are thin or they are easy to remove.  You can step out of one at any time. They really aren’t permanent although they can seem that way. You might have a few!

The upcoming New Moon in Pisces (March 2nd) is extraordinary. Not even that serious Mercury Saturn alignment can bring it down to earth! It’s that good. Around this time, too, we have Venus and Mars and Pluto all lined up in Capricorn (intensity intensity intensity!) You know what? This is the most compelling new beginning I’ve seen for you in a long long long time. This New Moon is sitting with hopeful Jupiter and poetic Neptune and it links up beautifully with surprising Uranus and those Capricorn planets. What are you focused on? What do you want?

I’m thinking under such a sky you can step out of or dissolve any frame and start your life over, if that’s what you want. I can’t remember the last time I saw a sky like this. It’s so healing.

And you may say to me: but Aliza, what about those conjunctions? Aren’t they too intense? Mercury Saturn! Venus Mars Pluto! It’s a little demonic, no? Won’t they ruin it all? Well, of course, your personal chart matters here and your perspective matters and I can’t predict how each person, place, or thing will react, but one thing is for sure: dreams are born and dreams come true under such a sky and it would be foolish damn foolish of you not to do some New Moon thing, even if that thing is just to remember who you are (which is harder than you might think).

Does this frame metaphor make sense to you? I found a big one in my own life in recent days and sometimes I see it in my head like chalk on a sidewalk. It’s that simple to step out of it. It’s flat. You just step. The key is to identify the frame. That’s the hard part. But once you got it down and you know how it’s operating? Then you can decide what to do.

I wonder if you’re a rocket ship. But I also wonder if you’re a great magician. And then I find myself thinking: maybe you’re an ox or a tiger. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Isn’t that what this New Moon is for? Some kind of expansive imagining, and, if you want, to step out of the frame. What are you thinking? Let me know in the comments on Instagram. I’ll post this there too.


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