Mercury Conjunct Chiron: It’s Mild But It’s There

"mercury conjunct chiron" is how I feel about tomorrow’s Mercury Chiron conjunction. About the pain. In Pisces. Mild but it’s there. Your Pisces pain. What house is your Pisces house? It’s THERE. In there.

We’re far enough away from the first eclipse. We’re far enough away from the second. We’re right here. Right where we are! In the middle. We can breathe. Breathe. Water.

Now what complicates matters for me is tomorrow’s Moon in Cancer, adding water to the already water addled sky.

The kind of day when you ask about your love life and a card leaps out of the deck. The Lovers. That kind of day. The Moon will trine (good, easy, soft aspect) Chiron (your pain) and Mercury (your mind) and Sun (you) in Pisces but that conjunction O that Mercury Chiron conjunction. Trined by the Cancer Moon.

What to do with that? Is there anything to do?

Good question, my friends. Good question.

I drew the Nine of Cups. Drink up.