The Stars This Week: Is A Surge (Wetlands & Firebirds)

"new moon eclipse in pisces" It can be hard to picture how things will be, before they happen… but this is magic. To create before it happens. But even if you don’t, Eclipse Season brings these kinds of changes, good ones too.

What will be?
What will be?
Is this the end? What will be?

You may feel released this week.
You may feel angry.
You may feel released.
Mars leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius is a SURGE.
A wild surge.

“A wild patience has taken me this far.” (Adrienne Rich)

Mars entered Sagittarius yesterday and all that slow burn simmering has come to an end.
For the moment!
Mars will go retrograde on April 17th.

The week is not uneventful:
Tuesday’s Eclipse, New Moon Solar in Pisces.
New start in your Pisces House challenging your Virgo House and Sagittarius/Gemini axis.
Can be hard to separate it out but I promise you new start in the Pisces House of your chart.
But you have to trust it. Don’t let Virgo and Saturn disturb your faith. 

Little lights:
Sun Moon square to Saturn and Jupiter opposition.
Moon on Neptune. Moon on Chiron. Sun on Chiron too this week.
Mercury on Neptune, yes let’s not forget Mercury entered Pisces too.

For those who don’t speak astrology, what the astro details mean:
We are so deep in this mess. It’s so confusing. What will be?
And then over the weekend Venus enters Pisces.
Pisces asks questions and Jupiter answers (thinking he knows all) and Saturn frets, feeling inferior.

Moon in warrior Aries, midweek, makes hot aspects to Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, speeding things up even more.

So we have wetlands and we have great fire this week.

I recommend you feel it.