Crave & Shame: Jupiter Trine Pluto (March 16th)

"jupiter trine pluto" What’s the best we can hope for about tomorrow – the second Jupiter Pluto trine – this time with Jupiter retrograde.

Jupiter rules things like hope–

but Virgo prides herself on  hope reduction, sticking to the (supposed) facts.

The retrograde also lessens Jupiter’s scope.
What’s the best we can hope for?

I want to write to you from the heart. What I think this aspect is really about.

I do think it’s smaller. Smaller than what will be, what we’ll feel, when we get the trine again, when Jupiter goes direct.

That this retrograde trine is part of the process, one link in the Jupiter trine Pluto chain.

Your Capricorn House matters the most here because that’s the longer transit, where the action is. Your Pluto transit needs this happy burst of organization and enthusiasm. A cheer.

So let’s see: we have Jupiter’s expansion and optimism and YOU CAN DO IT help, coupled with Virgoan brain power (like a recipe, step by step), nudging you forward, influencing obsessive Pluto.

On the one hand, it feels like an echo to me and we’ll hear more when Jupiter goes direct.

On the other hand I think this Jupiter trine can make us all feel a little better about what we’re most ashamed of, our Pluto. The parts of ourselves we wish weren’t there. The messy parts. The rejected parts. The parts that want. The parts that crave.

Oh. That reminds me of a play I read once, in a book I left behind, in a city I used to live in, by a playwright whose work I admired. The play was called Crave. But I digress…

Do you feel shame? For craving what you do not have?

I’m hoping the Jupiter Pluto trine can help heal this for you, for us.