NEW FLOWERS: Thoughts On Mother’s Day, Uranus In Taurus, & The Old Moon Pluto

"uranus in taurus"
I am not your love and light astrologer
.  I will never not be full of hate for everything that’s happened. And it feels good. Let it consume me. The old Moon Pluto is back. Remember me? The Moon Pluto who used to talk like this, write like this, ALL the time. I got soft in my old age. Quiet. The Uranus Pluto square beat it out of me. But today it all comes back – Mother’s Day.

If you follow me on Facebook you can read my miracle story, how I wound up having lunch purely by accident with THREE other people who also have no mother, and two of us without mother or father. It was an act of God, I wrote. We didn’t have to talk about it. We didn’t have to pretend. And I even had a mimosa! 

When I talk about hate I talk about it like a juicy steak. I talk about it the way FEELING MY FEELINGS feels good. No denial. And I know this blog post will make people uncomfortable but

I help clients through their dark nights of the soul because I’ve been there. It’s not theory. It’s not books. It’s experience. 

Adding my voice. That there are others out here too. Outliers! We exist. Whether your mother is dead. Whether your mother abandoned you, abused you, went crazy. I feel your pain. The dead mother’s club. Maybe she hated you. I’m so sorry if that’s the case.

Tomorrow is a new day.

And Tuesday brings new transits, new flowers – Uranus enters Taurus. We have a New Moon. The social media will feel more safe again.

My advice? Just know you’re not alone. And I’ll see you in the next blog.