Brooklyn Elegy + Here Comes Mars In Cancer

I feel like I’m at the edge of the world. It’s so quiet here sometimes. It’s so quiet that I can hear the trash blow down the street. But this quiet is because it’s Shabbos, and I live among religious Jews, and I am not so religious, but somewhat religious.

I mean, I am typing to you on Shabbos (which is not allowed), but there are many rules that I will not, cannot break. And eventually I’ll stop typing on Shabbos too, but for now here I am, writing to you. I can’t stop writing to you. I’m a Jew who sometimes strays from the law rather than lawless and adding in a law or two. There is a difference. And I will return to my roots soon enough.

But about the morning: it was so quiet, peaceful, and I was thinking about all the new astrology: Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius, Mars in Cancer! Yes, Mars in Cancer. Brooklyn is waking up now. 9:36 am.

I was telling some of my Patrons that I had a dream of my old friend Aaron, who lived on my block, who died shortly, unexpectedly, before I returned to Brooklyn, and as I was remembering this dream, a minute or so after waking, I realized tonight is my mother’s yartzeit (by the English calendar not the Hebrew calendar date which had already come and gone). Was it a dream or a visitation? It felt like a visit. Aaron spoke to me in his Aaron voice: Aliza, what are you doing?

Shabbos is holy, an island in time, even when my observance isn’t perfect. 9:42. More Brooklyn waking up. All Jewish ritual to me is cathected with memory (lol using one of Freud’s favorite words). It’s almost impossible to bear. It’s easier to bear when I go with it rather than against it. Pluto in Aquarius thoughts: Artificial intelligence doesn’t have memory, at least not in the way we do. Artificial intelligence doesn’t have trauma. Sounds like heaven on earth, right?

Anyway… Mars in Cancer matters so much this time around because Mars spent so long in Gemini (nearly seven months). It’s over.

Whatever Mars initiated? It’s over. The initiation itself is over is what I mean. Now comes… the next part. Now, you nurture it. Cancer nurtures. Mars in Cancer will nurture and LOVE what Mars fought for whilst in Gemini for so long. Yes, it was a war in your Gemini House and you fought the war and you fought so bravely.

I’m so proud of you.

To be continued…