Do The Gemini Thing

"mars in gemini"
Gemini Season begins next week with the Sun and Mercury entering the sign on the same day –
Tuesday May 21st.

Now remember that Mars (aggression, initiation, energy, passion) just left Gemini and hadn’t been there for a couple years. That part of your chart was tending to other planetary energies and in rushed bruising, cruising Mars.

Mars can be a bulldozer for sure and in Gemini the bulldozing happens with WORDS. Miscommunications arise because Mars is hot and has no time or patience to make those words kind or concise. He’ll trip over his paragraph-long sentences or jab you with them. Crossed on-fire wires come to mind.

(Word to the wise: don’t start a fight with a Gemini Mars. You will lose if your weapons are the spoken kind.)

The crux of the matter is this though: whatever Mars in Gemini was up to, in your chart, for the last month or so, it may have been clumsy or overly enthusiastic or misfire after misfire–

And remember this too: any planet in Gemini these days will injure himself on the banks of dreamy drowsy Neptune and the up up and away balloon of ever-expanding Jupiter. Objects in the mirror are bigger or smaller than they appear. Nothing is clear.

So with Gemini Season almost here we can finally make good use of what Mars stirred up during his stay! Maybe.

I don’t mean to make it sound bleak, that Mars was just causing trouble, throwing punches and caution to the wind (although there likely was some of that) or that your long awaited Mars in Gemini transit was for naught —

just that not every plan or project or relationship fathered or furthered during that timeframe will hit the mark.

I do believe, however, that at least one of them will, or maybe two, if you’re lucky (do you feel lucky?) assuming you did the Gemini thing and used your words often and with alacrity.

Dear Star Lovers, I hope your Scorpio Full Moon was sufficiently intense¬†¬†and I’ll see you again soon!