"who is santa muerte"
While you lay there bleeding under the Full Moon (which was fused with stern Saturn, in case you are wondering why you felt like crap), messenger Mercury snuck into bold generous fire sign Leo, where it will retrograde on July 25th.

Yes, my friends, ANOTHER summer retrograde. Oy Mercury!

In astrology, Mercury is your mind, your thought process, your perception, communications, writing, editing, and travel (among other things).

It’s the short view, the immediate, as opposed to Jupiter, the big picture, the long view, PERSPECTIVE. Mercury has no perspective. It sees what’s right in front of it.

Mercury “rules” both Gemini and Virgo and if you know either one of these signs, intimately or not, you’ve probably noticed they are smart, funny, curious people. They think. They talk. I don’t care what anyone says: THERE ARE NO SILENT GEMINI. Just quieter ones. Not even a massive 12th House can overrule this. Mercury makes noise.

When they message you back they REALLY message you back. When I get a text from a Gemini, I brace myself. I expect a small paragraph or two chock full of information. This is not a bad thing. We need to know what’s going on! Gemini will tell us.

So what happens when Mercury changes sign? It’s like slipping into new clothes. Out of the Cancer suit into the Leo suit! Not only is a new part of your chart lit up (you start thinking about the things of that part of your chart much more) but Mercury gets a shot of that sign.

What is Mercury in Leo all about? Leo rules the Sun (the CORE YOU) and you may notice more showing off, more shining, more sharing, more talk about identity politics. Mercury in Leo is not shy. Mercury in Leo says: HERE I AM DO YOU LIKE IT? Of course you do! Why wouldn’t you? I do! I mean, I LIKE ME so of course YOU like me. And they will look at you like a confused dog cocking her head if you don’t agree.

This has happened to me before. I don’t have my Mercury in Leo but my VENUS is there so during times in my life when I experienced unrequited love I really didn’t get it. What do you mean you don’t feel the same? Huh? Like all the the fire signs, Leos can be blind to what everyone else already knows: that they aren’t actually the center of the universe.

I kid but not really. Leos are supposed to be confident and proud and this is a good thing. They show the rest of us how it’s done: how to have fun, how to play, how to be ourselves without shame! And they tend to have REALLY good hair.

Do you know your chart? What part does Leo light up?
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