It Will Be An Interesting Leo Season

It will be an interesting Leo Season because Leo Season will give us a Grand Cross.

Grand Crosses happen when we have planets in all the fixed signs at the same time (or all the cardinal signs or all the mutable signs).

We have Saturn in Aquarius. The rules are changing. The rules are weird. (What rules do you follow and you don’t even realize you’re doing it?)

We have Uranus and the North Node and Mars in Taurus.  Those seeds in your hand are made of gold so PLANT THEM ALREADY.

And we have the South Node in Scorpio. Letting go of snakes (the snakes within, the snakes without).

And soon soon the Sun will enter Leo. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND.

But you know what? Mercury is already in Leo but we’ll really feel it, I think, once the Sun gets there, joins Mercury, and it’s off to the races or, well, off to the cross.

How might you experience this energy? It depends. Here are some options: 

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Well, the HOUSES of course will show the areas of action or interest or consciousness for you so your particular chart makeup matters, but generally speaking?

You could feel…

-on the verge of breakthrough and not yet but in good time and you’re planning it out, painstakingly, ready for your liberation

-a combination of Fool and Nine of Wands, off on a new adventure, but scared to death

-ready to have it out and looking for a fight, Five of Wands vibes

-returning to your magic, remembering the days of ROAD OPENER spells and rosebuds in a silvery metal dish purifying the air

-unstoppable, unbreakable with a mild case of encapsulation


-none of the above, you go your own way, and no words of mine can describe your inner world


It’s after dark. Light a candle for your Leo House. Light a candle for your Taurus House. Light a candle for your Scorpio House. Light a candle for your Aquarius House. Set intentions for each of those houses. The intentions are WHAT YOU WANT. Write it all down. Draw a picture of the cross. Leo at the top of the drawing, the head. Aquarius below, at the bottom of the page, the root. Scorpio to the left. Taurus to the right. Draw your body on the cross. Pull one Tarot card for Leo Season. If you don’t like the card, turn it upside down (or right side up) and pull another card for how to get that energy how you want it. Imagine yourself being pulled apart. Let yourself be pulled apart, like dough. Close your eyes. What do you see in the broken places or empty spaces in the dough? What do you feel? Can you see what you want? Can you see what you really really want? Find it. Name it. Write it down. Put yourself back together then. See it in your mind’s eye. The spell is over. Keep the candles burning.