Full Moon in Scorpio: The Day After

"saturn square neptune"The Full Moon in Scorpio did exactly what it was supposed to do, deliver the news, bring shit to light. Emphasis on the shit.

Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto and Pluto rules shit and elimination. Mars rules blood. It was a messy messy bloody bloody Full Moon, in my humble opinion, and I wish to god right now that the Moon was already in Sagittarius but tomorrow morning will have to do.

Psychic self-defense, psychic self-protection. The Full Moon reminded me full force how much these skills are needed and how chaotic the world around us can be and that a little moment to call in your angels or the Watchers or power animals is a good starting place, along with protective oils. Yes, my friends, the Witch is back. 

How do you protect yourself? Do you feel the need? Who watches over you?


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