Full Moon in Libra: The Fight

Under today’s Full Moon in Libra, I’m thinking about the end of love. It’s a pretty literal reading of this Full Moon but it’s what I’m feeling. Full Moon is an ending and Libra is love and there is probably a relationship leaving your life. I can relate. And just now I was on the Patreon talking about the value of Mars and Aries and how too often we value Venus/relationships/love and we forget that sometimes we have to fight. Consider this your Aries Season reminder, that fighting is not bad or wrong but often necessary including fighting for love or fighting for healing.

Fighting for healing is one of the battles I’ve been fighting all this year while in therapy and now that my Chiron Return has come to an end, my therapy probably will too. Sometimes it’s like that. The timing is impeccable. So now what? The Full Moon shows the ending but oh yes we have two eclipses around the corner (late April and early May) and it’s quite possible this intense ending you feel now might dissolve (thank you Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces) sooner than you think. Please don’t count yourself out.

I know I’ve only told a partial story here. Stay tuned fore more….

Aries Season questions: what you fighting for and why? Who are you fighting and why? 

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