New Moon in Gemini + You Got What You Wanted So Now What

New Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees – Saturday June 4th.

Sun, Moon and VENUS conjunct.
Gemini rules novels and notes.
Gemini rules offices and contracts.
Gemini rules LEARNING and literature and fingers and file clerks and…

Gemini is a fun sign and New Moons are fun for witches and non-witches alike —

because we want to think about our lives.

You do, don’t you?

And if we don’t want to think about our lives we still want a good Tarot card and a good moment with a candle or ritual moment. We want love. Sun Moon VENUS (who rules love) conjunct/fused.
Make your wish.

And I can hear you say but MoonPluto but MOONPLUTO another wish????? I’m SO TIRED OF WISHING and not getting.

I hear you. I really do.

It’s obvious to say but I’ll say it – the New Moon is for your desire, what you want SO MUCH.
Why bother if you aren’t going to meditate on, contemplate on what you WANT SO MUCH.

It hurts, doesn’t it. I know it does. You think it’s too late.

I had dinner with friends the other night, including a new friend and she (a Pisces) said:

I was tired at the time but happy to be out. Spent. A bit gloomy. So much transition. So much change even amongst the good cards and who else but a Pisces with Gemini Rising would YELL ABOVE THE DIN OF THE RESTAURANT to say manifest it!

But about the New Moon.
Sun, Moon and Venus square the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces. The North Node is where you’re supposed to go. The South Node is what you’re supposed to leave but let me clarify — there are South Node habits that must be left. Example: South Node in Pisces in my 7th House doesn’t mean no partnership (7th House = partners) but it may very well mean THOSE kinds of partners or THOSE kinds of habits of mine must be released to freedom. Because lord knows I have people around me now and yes I would call them 7th House people. Loves. Committed. The South Node WILL bring in good stuff!

Every morning I hear the crows here – caw caw caw. I see crows. I hear crows. Every morning. What are you seeing and hearing?

Sun Moon Venus in Gemini opposing Saturn, that which you cannot avoid no matter how hard you try. I promise you – your Saturn transit right now is THE most important transit and it’s ALWAYS this way.

Sun Moon Venus in Gemini opposing Saturn and squaring Neptune and squaring Jupiter so it’s a Grand Cross and this is what I had to say about the current mutable Grand Cross on my Facebook this morning but let me tell you this very important thing first —

In the midst of this stricken conflagration or however you are feeling WE HAVE A NEW MOON.

Make your wish. Make your Venus wish. Make your hopeful wish. Make your wish as if you believed that good things can still happen for you. Maybe it’s a crow caw caw cawing at you. Maybe that’s what it is. 

YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED is the theme for today.
You got what you wanted so now what?
We went from a tsquare to a grand cross —
from “I don’t know” or “what will happen”

Something has become stable in your life.
Stable meaning…. you made a decision and now you have to live with it. Live your life.
You got what you wanted SO NOW WHAT. Now you must LIVE.

Tension, nausea, fear, hard to find relief –
And you may feel pulled in 1000 different directions – uncertain if any of the many directions is correct or will make things okay — or better- because you are stuck on the cross!
How do you get off the cross?

Just in case you were wondering why you feel drawn, quartered these days.

They really do feel different. Think about how you felt BEFORE the Sun and Venus got closer to aspecting Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune. You were waiting.
Well now the wait is over and you are DEALING WITH IT.

But NOW WHAT? That’s the 1000 different directions.

What is the solution for the cross?

Not to struggle agains the ropes. Not to fix it all now. Not to TRY to fix it all now.
No matter what you are bearing, to “sing in your chains like the sea.”


PS There will be at least one June Group. POSSIBLY two. Announcements soon!

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