The Stars Today: Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon WTF!!!

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The Stars Today Plus A Quick Astrology Lesson

Aliza’s Stars & Cards for June 30, 2018

Feelings. How do you feel about feelings?

It’s Cancer Season which means the SUN IS IN CANCER so Cancerian qualities, traits, experiences will surround you more than usual.

Cancer’s motto: I FEEL. You may find yourself crying for no reason or feeling sentimental when usually you are a cold blooded assassin. Astrology can have that affect on us, specific, direct.

Feelings are unavoidable this time of year – yours or someone else’s but today Saturday June 30th, the Moon is in Aquarius so let’s talk a little about AQUARIUS and the INCONJUNCT.

Don’t be scared of that weird word. I’ll explain in plain language.

I had a conversation with an Aquarius yesterday. She told me that whenever her girlfriend cries she doesn’t know what to do. Her girlfriend is a Taurus and I gave Miss Aquarius some advice for soothing a Taurus and she agreed, yes, those things work. Like chocolate. But it struck me how often the “stereotypes” show up in the people we meet.

There was an Aquarius who wanted to date me. Every once in a while he intimates he still does. They are subtle hints but not so subtle that I don’t hear them. Anyway, during the time we came closest to getting to know each other romantically I expressed a feeling or two. I wasn’t sad or mad. At him. Oh those scary sad/mad feelings! I wasn’t directing my laser beam intensity  at him at all.

But I expressed a feeling or a doubt or… I hardly remember now. And that was his cue to leave. I think we even talked about it once, briefly. He admitted it. That he felt a bit trepidatious about what he was getting into – with a Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer, Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo First House person. I felt a little sad. You want me but you don’t want me.

But that’s the inconjunct for ya. Cancer and Aquarius form this itchy edgy aspect aspect and between people this can cause some pretty intense attraction but also… mistrust and even revulsion: Cancer with all her emotional depth and Aquarius with the brilliant ideas. Feelings and thoughts. Water and air.

And this is our sky tooday and tomorrow.

Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon. You may feel attracted, fascinated, and repulsed at the same time – by someone you meet, by your life itself.

You may not know WHAT TO DO with all your feelings. You may want to run from them, squash them, analyze them, pretend they don’t exist.

Cancer and Aquarius can’t be blended into a new seamless whole – in the sky or for us as individuals. What is needed is to DO BOTH and at different times most likely. Time for feelings, time for thoughts. Enter each space wholly, deeply, thoughtfully. Cancer may find Aquarius cold. Aquarius may find Cancer chaotic. And yet there they go, chatting up a storm again.

One card for this weekend:

Cancer wins 
ACE OF CUPS: heart chakra!
Don’t pretend you don’t feel what you feel. Even if you wish things were otherwise. You are overflowing with the blessings of juicy love.

Like the Pages, I see Aces as messengers, messages. Keep your eyes and heart open this weekend. And when you feel a twinge of detachment or revulsion, know that it’s okay. You can hold both inside you. You don’t have to choose.