Faith Is Work: Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde!)

"jupiter square saturn" Extrapolating on some stuff I’m talking about in the class:

how it’s hard to have faith right now.

We have MARS and SATURN in Sagittarius (Sag tends to be hopeful) –but these planets are retrograde (confused).

Saturn in Sag anyway would be a test of faith, making us work for it, organize it, structure it. EXPLAIN IT. Ugh.

Saturn doesn’t care how you feel. And Sagittarius doesn’t really notice (ha). Saturn puts the breaks on Sag’s hedonistic fire, wants to send you to faith-school. Teach you about faith before you can have it.

Jupiter in Virgo isn’t much better (expand your pessimism!!) AND they are squaring!

It’s enough to make you LOSE FAITH.

Where did it go?

Did you even have it to begin with?


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