My Black Moon Lillith In Sagittarius Story (Part One, The Skeptic)

"black moon lillith in sagittarius"
In the current class and in the chat room folks are talking about Black Moon Lillith.
She’s in Sagittarius now, having left the sign of Scorpio.

(According to my phone app she “circles around the chart every nine years” and “represents the apogee of the lunar orbit, where it lies farthest from the earth.” There is also asteroid Lillith and the “hypothetical Dark Moon” (three different things here and you can google for more info.)

Honestly I don’t think much about her transit or what effect she will have in my chart and maybe I should

BUT I’m not sure yet.

I’m torn.

I “should” also pay attention to Vesta, Ceres, Athena, and Juno by transit and I loosely have an idea of where they are in the sky without consulting my ephemeris and datebook.

So that’s my bias. One of them.

I’m a bit “eh” on this topic and I’m not sure folks have much in mind other than some vague rebellious dark feminine sexier-than-Venus image when they think of her, but I could be wrong about that. They could be Lillith scholars for all I know.

I do know in the Jewish tradition she is a demon (and we are not a demon-oriented religion. Read the “New” Testament to get your demon on.)

For me she is malefic and this could make a Saturn (also malefic) Lillith conjunction (coming to a sky near you) fairly uncomfortable and do you really want to include more demons in your chart interpretations? Maybe you do. Suit yourself. Frankly I rather track Ronald McDonald. Give me some good cheer, y’all. (Yes I know he’s a clown and that is malefic as well for many.)

You can do your own research of course (who she is, what she’s about) and I suggest you include Jewish sources which are usually left behind in the “new age” (let’s not pretend Western occult’s co-optation of Kabbalah has anything to do with Kabbalah. Side note: I got into a stupid Facebook “fight” with someone about this once who was claiming Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism, wasn’t Jewish at all. Sigh and face palm.)

I have here The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (from Llewelyn) and there is a substantial entry on Lillith, with sources! (I like this book.)

Lillith is legend, story, symbol, like the other heavenly bodies we track on a daily basis. Is she a “rallying point among feminists”? Is she one of the four queens, or mothers, of demons? Both?  Are you more Doreen Virtue or Santa Muerte? Both? Yeah, me too. 

Listen, I’m old school. Give me Sun through Pluto and Chiron and the Nodes and I’m happy. I like the goddess asteroids but I don’t always work with them. And maybe I’ll write a blog post tomorrow that is all rah rah rah Lillith THIS IS WHY SHE IS IMPORTANT. Astrology is so individual though. For example, I have a thing for the centaurs. They fascinate me! I’ve written um two Nessus blog posts (I think).

But the news of the day is the news of the day:
Black Moon Lillith has moved. She has moved from spooky Scorpio to storyteller Sagittarius. 

What stories do you tell about your sexuality? To yourself or to others.
How has it been used or abused or righteously upheld?
Are you sexually satisfied. That’s a Lillith question.
Do you feel ignored? That’s a Lillith question.
What is a demon? What does demon mean to you? Are you one? Do you have one? Do they exist? Does Sagittarius make Lillith more talkative about her exploits and demon friends?

She will be transiting my 4th House. Do I need to welcome her? Or maybe better if I ward her off, sprinkle some salt.

Do we really need to think about Black Moon Lillith square the South Node and North Node in early Pisces and Virgo? And what does this mean for you early Gemini? Are you worried about BML opposing your Sun?

Also, it’s all very interesting once you dive into the history of why and when “beliefs” happen. Much to think about my dears.

Happy Lillithing my friends. What Lillith stories do you have to tell? 


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