Uranus In Taurus: What Does It Mean (Part One of Many)

"uranus in taurus"
It could feel like this

A friend of mine asked me this. She wanted to hear my take on it. Uranus in Taurus: what does it mean?

And I told her the truth: first and foremost, transits for me are PERSONAL (a transit = where the planets are now and how they affect us).

I’m not a global astrologer. I have built my practice around working one on one with folks, helping them with their dark, and light, nights of the soul. I don’t tend to predict economic or political or even cultural trends. And I’m definitely not the weather psychic. (Unless people ask and we do get into some of this stuff on my Patreon.)

But then I mentioned the earthquakes. I’m sure everyone is mentioning the earthquakes (I honestly don’t know).

Uranus (crazy) in Taurus (earth). 

But that’s not all it is right? Of course not. We have to think: okay what is Uranus about. We have to think: okay what is Taurus about?

The least you need to know: 

Uranus: not stable. 
Taurus: STABLE (supposedly, ideally, intractable stubborn earth energy, the seasons come like clockwork right? but global warming right? Uranus in Taurus)

Uranus in Taurus is Taurus gone haywire. Taurus gone “different.”


(And of course I can help you with this. You can book a Reading. You can get astro tutoring. We can talk.)

"uranus in taurus"
I LIKE Uranus in Taurus.

And not just because I have a lot of earth in my chart (planets in Virgo in particular and these will harmonize with Uranus in an earth sign) but because Uranus is frightening. I’m not a fan generally.

Yes I know some folks like Uranus energy a lot but they are often the ones with a pretty substantial safety net and enjoy a good joy ride and I’ve never been one of those. I don’t like those wild surprises unless they are good ones and with Uranus we cannot choose. We cannot predict how it will play out (to paraphrase Isabel Hickey who probably would have sucked at Twitter).

See, it’s hard to love Uranus unless we know we have somewhere to land (or someone to land with) after everything’s blown up — that we still have love and safety and bottom line is:  not everyone does. But I digress.

SO I like Uranus in Taurus because it slows Uranus down.

Uranus is fast, my friends. Very fast, direct, aggressive, neutral. The changes that Uranus brings to your life show up in an instant. A phone call. A flash of insight. An earthquake. Everything was one way and then… it was gone.

Taurus will slow Uranus down. That’s Point Number One that I want to make. So that fast and furious unpredictable crazy train Uranus may be less likely to leave you there bleeding.

You *may* be able to see it coming a leeeeetle better than in some of the other signs.

Yes it’s still Uranus but if you know a Taurus then you KNOW you cannot make them do anything. Not even Uranus?

We shall see…
Many more points to make. Stay tuned.
Uranus enters Taurus May 15th

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