Beauty Is Contrast & The Stars This Week

It’s eventful week. Well, an eventful weekend —

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:
not much, just the Moon from Virgo to Libra to Scorpio.

Venus in Taurus is sextile Chiron. Venus is concerned with beauty (and in Taurus, comfort) and Chiron is… the most painful wound of all. OF ALL. We can never get it back. What was taken. We spend lifetimes searching. Better to stop searching and instead help, heal others because we’ve walked that road. Find others to help. That’s how you heal your Chiron wound. It’s the only way. Service.

I’m not saying this Venus Chiron aspect is like “putting lipstick on a pig.” It’s not a surface treatment. The sextile is a positive “soft” aspect so this is good, but a demand is placed on Venus’ shoulders here (which really isn’t her favorite thing; Venus, ideally, isn’t a hard worker. She doesn’t need to be). And yet there it is. The demand: to let Chiron know… to let Chiron know that the wound is also beautiful. Venus CAN do that. At the very least. Be a mirror.

A man once said to me: “beauty is contrast,” so, something like that.

Sun enters Gemini and this is a Very Special Gemini Season.
You know why.

Because Jupiter is in Virgo and squares Gemini.
Saturn is in Sagittarius and opposes Gemini.
Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces and square Gemini.
These are *stressful* configurations. Stress forces us to hurt and change.

So there you go. Do you want to be better? Or do you want to sleep? I know I know. You rather sleep. Well, that may be your fate. Lucky you.

ALL THE ACTION will be diverted to Gemini, your Gemini House. Hello to this main artery.

I’d like to say you get a break from the other stuff, a reprieve. I’d like to say you get HELP for the other stuff that’s been doggin’ you. We’ll see. As Gemini Season goes along, Venus and Mercury will join the Sun. Think about it. Venus in the t-square. Mercury in the t-square. Sun in the t-square. What gets solved? What gets stabilized? What gets decided and put on hold? How confused are you? How sure? From a three-legged table to four legs. Which do you prefer?

OH and let’s not forget that Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius so Gemini Season (Sun, Venus, Mercury) will be opposing not just Saturn but Mars (rx) as well. I think this HELPS. You get help. Back to the Venus Chiron theme from above, reckoning with the worst wound of all. And the oppositions to Saturn HELP. Do you believe me? Why or why not?

We are always the axis, always always always. The emphasis has been on your Sag House THE MOST, with Virgo/Pisces in the background (with the Nodes whispering in your ear) but now GEMINI needs your attention.

Got any ideas what this is about for you? Something’s been missing, sorely missing. You find it in Gemini Season.

I’ll write a separate post for the Full Moon in Sagittarius but I should mention now that Sunday, the day after the Full Moon, Mercury goes direct YES! We prefer Mercury direct for Gemini Season.


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