The Stars This Week: Relax?

"grand trine in earth" Jupiter is now direct. We can grow again. We can dream. Yes Jupiter is in Virgo so we grow in Virgo ways, not smaller necessarily, but more refined. Refine (Virgo) the vision (Jupiter).

Otherwise: the TRINES!

Venus trine Jupiter
Mercury trine Pluto
Venus trine Pluto

And a Sun Chiron sextile over the weekend.


Taurus. Virgo. Capricorn. A Grand Trine in Earth.

What does this mean in plain English?

Earth signs benefit the most. Water wins too. 15/16/17 degrees, around there (with Jupiter a bit lower in degree).

But what do we win?

Trines can make us feel good. Trines can bring us luck. Trines can ease our burden. Trines bliss us out.

Practically speaking (earth signs are practical) I think if you are struggling with something, a decision, a desire, the earth trine will help you. It will help your body. It will help your mind. It will help you plan. It will help you rest. And walk. And work. Pleasure, beauty, money. You will get a gift and likely more than one if this trine positively aspects your chart.

CAUTION: this week it may be easy to do NOTHING — because the trines feel so good! I was telling this to a friend who has an office job and doesn’t always do her office job. And she’s trying to get in a better habit of doing her office job but THIS WEEK? The impulse will be to take it easy!

But we also have to consider that 2 of these trines are to Pluto. PLUTO. Death and rebirth. So think about that. Yes, think about that.


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