Peace of This Season. What Season? Virgo Season!

My friend, I have the windows open.

There’s a very short window of time when I can actually turn off the air conditioner and have the windows open. And it’s so loud, the endless necessary running of the machine. All the time so loud. I can hardly believe it, this moment. In no room right now is the air conditioner on and it’s so quiet. And, for once, there’s no smoke wafting in from outside — no weed, no cigarette, no smog. Just… still Brooklyn air. For a moment, peace. For a moment, peace in my world. It may be storming everywhere else but for right now, in my heart, it is quiet and it is still and it is peace. I hope you know such moments.

And of the astrology? What is there to tell? Well, I bought an air fryer. It should come in this mail this week. Is that the astrology? It’s my astrology. Something domestic. But in other news:

Uranus goes retrograde tonight.
Venus goes direct on Sunday.
Jupiter goes retrograde on Monday.
Mercury is retrograde.
Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron all retrograde.

Only Venus and Mars will have their shit together and Venus winds down, over September, her interminable dance through Leo. I keep asking my Tarot students: what did you learn? This is really important. What did you learn about *your* Venus?

Now, I don’t believe retrogrades are “bad.” I believe retrograde seasons are required. And they exist. What are we going to do, fight it? No. We must live with the times, work with the energy. We must review. I have said it a million times and I will keep saying it. Review.

I’m editing my novel. That’s a review. I’m back on YouTube (for the moment). Also, a review, a return. I’m sure you can see in your own life the way these retrogrades are speaking to. you.

If only this peace could last forever (I think to myself). I know it won’t. So I drink it and drink it. I drink it up, hoping it will fill me so that the next time the madness descends I’ll feel more insulated. Does it get better? Does life get better? It can. I do believe healing is possible but good help is hard to find. And I was about to give some juicy details about my own psychoanalysis just now but lately I am feeling more protective and private.

Guidance for right now:
Open the windows.
Edit your novel.
Return to something or someone.

To be continued…

"mars in cancer"