Jupiter Goes Direct! November 23rd!

I’m very excited. I made a decision. And I’m also waiting for a food delivery so can’t start the Weekly Stars video yet for my Patreon.

Before I talk about the top of mind topic let me say that I am talking to clients weekly again  (I had to take a break from adding in anyone new) and the rates are less for buy-in-bulk purchases. Email to know more!

Now about today’s topic: JUPITER! Jupiter goes DIRECT this week in Pisces at 28 degrees. (Towards the end of December it returns to Aries.)

What to make of this return? Just a few degrees and a few weeks in Pisces. Is it a review? A summary? A culmination? What is it? Hmm!

I’ll tell you what I feel. I feel it’s good news. It’s wrapping up a situation. It’s bonus points! You can really leave something behind so in that sense it is a release, it is a loss, but it’s something you’re thrilled to lose. You don’t need it anymore. And the gains?! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

That same day we have a New Moon in Sagittarius so this is double triple quadruple Sagittarius and Mercury is in Sag and Venus is in Sag and suddenly you’re lit up, on fire, feeling HOPE again.

To be continued…