One Full Moon Is Not Enough For Your Next Big Adventure (Full Moon Sagittarius)

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May 21st. This weekend, Saturday. Adjust for your time zone. Mine is 5:14pm (Eastern).

One big adventure is DONE, over and done.
New adventure on the way. THE HORIZON NEW HORIZON(S).

But it happens in parts. The second Full Moon in Sag is on June 20th yes that’s right TWO Sag Full Moons!

The imagery here is not about a “do-over” — that somehow you do the first Full Moon wrong — but that this area of your life (covered by your Sag House – as well as your other mutable houses, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces) requires MORE OF YOUR ATTENTION. EXTRA. How very Sag, eh? ONE FULL MOON IS NOT ENOUGH.

You may wonder: am I driving in the wrong direction? The Full Moon will conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, currently retrograde and heading back to Scorpio. BUT JUPITER IS DIRECT now (and Jupiter rules Sagittarius). I believe the answer is NO i.e. you are not heading in the wrong direction.
You are heading in the most right direction possible BUT

Mercury goes direct the day after the Full Moon so there is some information that will become clear as the days and weeks pass or even… right away! Something was delayed. The letter got lost in the mail.

I don’t mean to scare you. I do NOT mean that it’s bad news coming. It could be AMAZING news but I do wonder about a turn. Not a do-over but a TURN. An addition. Back to the theme of the Sagittarius EXTRA. Plan for the BEST, my darlings. Plan for the best. Saturn’s in Sagittarius! Plan (Saturn) for the biggest, brightest, and best (Jupiter).

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. This ONE DEGREE SAG MOMENT. What does it aspect in your chart (hire me if you aren’t sure). I did a few Mini-Moon Readings today for the Full Moon, totally out of the blue and that’s exactly how they felt to me – and I could see it in their charts – pivotal moment. One way or the other. Fork in the road. Crossroads. Endings. VERY clear cycles wrapping up. We have won.

Why so intense? Well you know the Sun enters Gemini Friday. Energy shift. Even farther away from the March Eclipse energy OMG. Full Moon on Saturday in the sign of the BIG ADVENTURE. But there’s an ending. Moon conjunct Mars retrograde (the adventure is internal) and thus Mars opposes the Sun. Where to look? Where to focus? On ALL OF IT. BOTH AREAS OF YOUR LIFE ARE MOVING FORWARD AND THAT’S WHY YOU ARE SO EXHAUSTED i.e. the Gem/Sag axis is exploding with life and the Virgo/Pisces axis is not far behind. I predict these houses/areas of life will be overrun with…

well, I’m not sure because I don’t know your chart personally (or maybe I do) BUT THIS IS WHERE THE ACTION IS AND WILL BE.

Whew. And then omg Mars goes back to Scorpio. Do you remember what was happening IN YOUR LIFE when Mars was in Scorpio?????? January, February, and the beginning of March. WHERE WERE YOU? Are you okay now. You’re okay now. We’re all okay now. Breathe. Plan for the best.

Venus enters Gemini Tuesday the 24th and will oppose Mars SAME DAY.
Venus on that Full Moon degree making it beautiful, wrapping a ribbon around it. I love this.
Jupiter squares Saturn Thursday may 26th
MARS (rx) ENTERS SCORPIO Friday may 27th

You will need extra sleep I PROMISE YOU. Make time for extra sleep. I will write more about each of these around the time they happen but keep in mind that Saturn usually doesn’t want Jupiter around. Jupiter is a CLOWN. Jupiter is a balloon. And Saturn is strict! Jupiter square Saturn. Your TRAUMA, your beautiful amazing coping skill(s) think you need protection. Saturn is a FENCE. So you grow (grew) fear like a weed to protect yourself.

But I say: bend those weeds back. Bend those weeds back so we can see everything in the garden that they’ve covered over. Let everything be seen. You are safe. So we can see the front of the house. Jupiter wants to show you who you are now and that it’s OKAY TO HOPE and that it’s okay to have faith in life continuing.

And then Mercury trines Pluto that Monday (with Mercury all direct and stuff) and maybe you collapse because it’s Memorial Day in the U.S. and have the day off.

I’m not going to tell you more of the transits now. We’ll save it for later. Suffice to say this second half of May is very interesting.

Upcoming blog post, note to self: THE CERES RETURN. “I have trees in my 8th House” — my 2016 includes a Ceres Return and I’m obsessed with this so must discuss! Stay tuned..

Any questions? You know how to find me.


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