A Ruthlessly Fearless New Moon in Scorpio

I’m exhausted and congested, but I feel like writing. I feel like thinking or trying to think. I have covid. But let’s have a little (decaf) coffee and get some thoughts down and then go back to bed. Sound good?

November 13th, this Monday, is the New Moon in Scorpio and it’s not an ordinary New Moon. Mars and Uranus are packed into this New Moon. Forget about degrees for a moment. Jupiter is involved here too. Big, right? Exciting? Hmm.

Sun in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio.
Jupiter in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus.

Both Jupiter and Uranus are retrograde (so there’s a link to the past and also the idea that Jupiter and Uranus may not act as they usually do — due to them being retrograde). What, from the past, will arise?

We tend to think of Full Moons as the culmination times, not New Moons. We tend to think of New Moons as setting intentions, planting seeds. New Moons are about the future. Full Moons are about karma. And yet this New Moon is special and feels kinda culminate-ish to me.

Mars is force. Uranus is shocking. Jupiter makes things big. Could you suddenly feel compelled towards a new path? Catapulted? Could it feel like a Full Moon because of the emotional intensity? Of course you have to find the Scorpio/Taurus axis of your chart (the houses) to know what areas of life may be involved here.

Now I do think this New Moon marks a beginning but the power behind it is so… fated? It’s actually not about the emotions at all. It’s about… knowing what’s right for you in an instant. It’s a frequency that’s faster than emotion. Knowing. Intuition. The emotions will come later. The guidance I saw last night in my cards (for my Patreon) was to wait for the signs, the messages. Wheel of Fortune and then the Star was at the top of the reading but the slow Knight of Pentacles was the guidance.

The entire time I’ve been in school (my psychoanalytic training coursework) I have struggled. Was this the right institute for me? Will I finish? Should I finish? Will I get my license? (which is a long process). Should I? I have mixed feelings about where I am. Might there be a better fit? Or am I done? I’ve learned so much and I had questions which I got answered.  This New Moon is across my 3rd/9th axis which is the school/higher education axis! For me, this New Moon could be a new resolve to decide to study and train elsewhere (or stay put!) and/or something totally out of the blue that forces my hand. I don’t have that much time left on this earth. Probably less than twenty years and time flies.  I think to myself: we must be ruthlessly fearless.

Mars is courageous. Uranus is independent. Jupiter is merciful, optimistic. I know the astrologers out there are sounding the alarm. Mars Uranus can be accidents, violence, bad stuff. But Mars Uranus can also put you where you need to be. Sometimes the Fool card is the Tower card is the Wheel of Fortune.

I think you should make a wish for this New Moon. Set your intentions, yes. Plant that seed. Sometimes the energies are smarter than we are. Sometimes I think I’m too old to keep planting seeds. What do I have to show for the time I’ve already spent at the institute? I’ve learned a lot. Tons. Intellectual growth, emotional growth. One of the juicy priceless slices of knowledge is that now I understand this ex-therapist of mine didn’t know as much as he thought he knew. I see the trust I put in him to know. I see there are very few people who are deep enough and brave enough to really help others. But I already knew that.

Anyway, it’s back to bed for me. The New Moon is almost here and Jupiter wants you to think big and Uranus wants you to think outside the box and Mars wants you to go for it. Will you? Will you think big and bold and brave? Hmm!

To be continued

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