A Letter To Jupiter In Libra: To The Broken-Hearted Who Haven’t Found Love

"jupiter in libra"
Our Lady

I don’t know why you haven’t found love yet
, and yes it does concern me.

You aren’t the only one I talk to who hasn’t found love.

I don’t mean to make you sound un-special because you are special. You are unique. I just mean you aren’t alone in this. Hey, I’m right there with you. My love life is legendarily bad. Venus on the South Node in a t-square with the outer planets can do that to a witch. But enough about me.

I feel you. I hear you. I’m writing for you and to you. And I’m not going to tell you not to mourn or worry

but I do want to tell you take a breath even in the midst of that “party I’ve never been invited to” feeling.

Not gonna dismiss your feelings or invalidate your feelings or tell you that your own crap karma got you in this position (despite my own chart details!). I’m not gonna blame you. We both know that the hooked up vs. the unhooked up look alike. They aren’t better looking or more talented or evolved in any special way. Really!

I’ve got gorgeous successful forever-single clients. Or they had long relationships that are now since gone and can’t seem to find mid-life love. Whatever the case. Whatever the case you aren’t alone and I wish I had the answer. It’s almost no point sometimes in even asking the Tarot because the answers can be smug: oh you need to do this or that and obviously you aren’t doing this or that correctly OR YOU WOULD HAVE THE LOVE YOU SEEK. Fuck off Law of Attraction.

Dear Jupiter in Libra: 

You won’t be Libra in forever. HURRY THE FUCK UP.

You, God of Abundance! God of Luck! Soon enough you’ll be in dark disturbing relentless bottomless pit SCORPIO (I kid, I kid). We only have until when? September?

Can you PLEASE help these folks out? They are good people. They bathe regularly. They’re mostly sane! They mean well. They are smart and interesting and innocent and all the good things. It’s not fair. Jupiter in Libra WHY AREN’T YOU BEING FAIR? LIBRA IS FAIR.

Jupiter, I know you rule blessing so I am going to pray. I am going to pray every day until you leave Libra that my clients who want love so bad will find  GOOD LOVE.

Thank you.

Mama MoonPluto looking after my flock.

"new moon eclipse in leo"
Hanged Man – 2015. Pastel. Staten Island.

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